Wooden bracelet??

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    Wooden bracelet??

    Does anyone know if there is a company that makes wooden watch bracelets? I've found a few places that beaded bracelets, but I'd love to find a standard looking bracelet that is made out of wood.
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    Re: Wooden bracelet??

    I only know of wooden cases (BRIOR).

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    Re: Wooden bracelet??

    I found some in a Mall Fashion outlet like one of those funky stores cannot for the life remember the name of the store, They where made of Briar wood same as Tobacco pipes, I remember studying the way it was made, the ones I saw where primarily aimed at the Girly tree hugger brigade kind of thing, so not sure if they would be any good on a gents watch really, but it is a start I guess.

    The store was some kind of Natural Earthy place typical of Malls across the States.

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    Re: Wooden bracelet??

    Nixon makes watches with wooden inserts in case and bracelet, try to find out if you can purchase the bracelet only.

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