Wrisky's Elastic Military Strap, MN Style Military Strap
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Thread: Wrisky's Elastic Military Strap, MN Style Military Strap

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    Wrisky's Elastic Military Strap, MN Style Military Strap

    I recently purchased several Wrisky Elastic Military straps and since I haven't seen any reviews here, thought I'd share my experience with their straps.

    I purchased 5 of these "Military" straps at once and that qualified me for free shipping and a small strap changing tool (I think 3 straps qualifies for free tool) which I now carry with me when I travel. Since the tool is only approx 3 inches long that should avoid hassles by the TSA at the airport..... The entire order wound up costing $89.25 and included 3 22mm Military straps and 2 20mm Military straps. Wrisky's is located in Singapore and their website is priced in SGD (Singapore dollar). After the conversion into US dollars and the 20% off if entire order exceeds $100, my total wound up being $89.25 net cost to me. The price for my entire order of 5 straps and free shipping along with free tool will no longer even purchase 1 Erika's MN strap which these straps are probably modeled after...... For the price, I didn't see how I could go wrong and I was correct in my assumption, at least for me.

    The Wrisky straps are very comfortable and very, very, similar to their previously mentioned competitor. I have a 7" wrist and I do not like tight straps. I prefer just enough tension to keep the watch properly centered on my wrist and these straps do that very well. If you'll look at the relevant pictures, if one had say a 7 1/2" wrist or larger, you will find there's very little to no strap adjustment left before you're stretching the strap. If you like tension or don't mind it, the straps may be fine for those of you with bigger wrists than mine. For my slightly over 7" wrist ( actually about 7 1/8") these straps are sized perfectly for me. Also keep in mind I also adjust the strap loosely with no discernible tension on the strap which tends to keep my watch centered on the narrowest part of my wrist right at the base of my hand where I like it.

    If the watch rides up towards my body for some reason such as doing yard work or moving stuff around in the garage, etc., a quick and simple slide forward releases that slight tension and the watch naturally winds up back on that narrow part of my wrist. I have broken spring bars and lost or damaged watches in the past due to that natural tendency for the watch and strap to ride up your wrist and then when you flex (or for whatever reason), the tension on the watch strap changes, the spring bar breaks. I lost a dive watch once when pulling myself up onto the boat's dive platform with my scuba gear on and a spring bar gave way as I was exerting myself. I remember that helpless and annoying feeling of watching my watch quickly spiral out of sight in the depths below, never to be seen again, at least by me....... I know about NATO and Zulu straps but I do not like them and prefer not to use them and I think these MN style straps are a very effective compromise between looks, security, and comfort. Anyhow, on with the review.

    The strap material is not as thick as an Erika's but I find it to be very similar in feel and stretch characteristics and so far seems to be wearing just as well. I've had the Wrisky's on my wrist for two weeks now and there is no discernible fraying or staining/discoloration, etc. The strap still looks new. I do prefer the slightly thicker strap of an Erika's but the thinner material could have it's advantages and particularly so with a watch that has minimal spacing between the springbars and the watch case. Both materials of either company's are very comfortable to wear in my opinion

    The hardware is nicely finished and is a very lightly brushed stainless steel which happens to match close enough to my tegimented Sinn U1 that the combo looks good. I did not see a choice of hardware for these Wrisky Military straps and I also didn't see a description of the hardware on their website but some of the pictures appeared as if the hardware would be brushed stainless which it is. The hardware appears to be stamped and or cut and none of my straps have any sharp edges or burrs. I assume the metal is stainless steel and I have no idea of the type of stainless. I have had the Wrisky's wet on several occasions now and there has been no tarnishing, discoloration, or rusting. I also got some vinegar based weed spray on the strap and hardware and there were no lasting affects to either hardware or strap. The keepers stay put which means the hardware is designed for this thickness of strap. The hook and keepers look almost identical to an Erika's but but there is no laser etching symbols or markings and is a slightly lighter gauge metal than the Erika's. I tend to like cleaner looks and would prefer a more subtle marking or none at all on my Erika's but that's obviously a personal preference. The Wrisky's is devoid of any markings.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase and would easily recommend a Wrisky's Elastic Military Strap contingent upon the potential sizing issue. I did not want to spend the money for a couple of color combos in an Erika's that I did not already own and I also have two Vostoks in 20mm that I wanted on an Erika's style strap so therefore this purchase. I paid an average of less than $18 dollars a strap to try a couple of different color combos and also put my favorite style of strap on the Vostoks. The Vostok's individually cost less than one Erika's and for the price, the Vostoks are incredible values but I digress.....So if the sizing isn't an issue or the brushed-finish hardware is what you're looking for, these straps are an incredible bargain and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Hopefully Wrisky.co will add some hardware options, more sizes (both wrist size and strap width), along with more color combinations.

    For clarification, my Erika's straps are my personal favorites but keep in mind the Erika's are made to order (custom sized). I do prefer the slightly thicker strap of the Erika's Name:  20200227_105618.jpg
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Size:  2.81 MBand she offers more sizes, color combos, choice of thread stitch colors, etc., etc.....I consider the Erika's the best available MN Marine style of elastic strap on the market. They are also the most expensive. Given the differences discussed between the two company's offerings, the Wrisky straps are an incredible value and for me, they are a relatively close second behind the Erika's. I will no doubt, purchase more straps in the future from both companies.

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    BTW, I was obviously behind the wheel but not in motion when the pictures were taken ! Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found it helpful.
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    Re: Wrisky's Elastic Military Strap, MN Style Military Strap

    Here's a few more shots with the blue/red stripe "Wrisky Elastic Military" strap.

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