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    114270 bracelet

    Good evening all,
    Well i took the plunge and picked up a 114270. I'm utterly delighted with it and personally feel it has a presence that belies its 36mm size. If anyone is wondering whether the 36mm is too small; don't, on all but the most gigantic wrist, it will be fine.
    The other point that I picked up on during my exhaustive research was the widely held reservation about the bracelet robustness. Having owned a 36mm OP from 2018 I feel no discernible difference once the 114270 is on the wrist. I once read the bracelet described as buttery smooth and I would concur. Certainly it does not have the more substantial solidity of the newer bracelet but I personally feel that this is not a shortfall, more just a product of the modernisation of our perception of mens watches, much in the same way as case size perceptions have evolved. Our idea of 34mm gents' watched being small and dainty is somewhat illusory. It certainly wasn't back in the day.
    So really I want to say that I feel the watch lacks nothing whatsoever in size or bracelet quality. It is simply a watch from another style period. It rests quietly and sleekly on the wrist and is, for me, the perfect rolex, representing the end of a long quest that led down a few blind alleys - the blue dial OP 116000 36mm and the newer and older Explorer II. It steers clear of my deep aversion to masculine, imposing rolex models and harks back to the classic sophistication of the vintage era, although the only trait the 114270 has of that era is its size.
    Fear not, the bracelet is not tinny; it matches the lightness and quiet understatedness of this watch.
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    Re: 114270 bracelet

    Great watch. Congratulations. Love the 36mm Explorer although unfortunately it wears just a tad small on my 7.5 inch wrist. Also I completely agree about the old 5 digit bracelets. They are amazingly comfortable.

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