Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

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Thread: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

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    Hey guys - thank you to all who gave me suggestions on straps for my Explorer. After much debate going backwards and forwards I think I'm going to go with RubberB. The next question is now which one. I've created a separate poll on these three rubbers. I didn't realise it at the time but I think the volcanized straps work really well especially the red which is what I'm leaning at atm. Which ones do you prefer?

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    It's times like these I wish the Explorer had a splash of colour. I am thinking the red or the green. I would have hoped to save the green for my impending Air King 116900 for later though.

    You don't think the vulchromatic rubbers look off on an Explorer do you because the watch doesn't have any color?
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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    black or green.

    green does add a splash of interest and would transition nicely onto the AK.... I can see owning two of these. Black would also work real well on both.
    Id choose Black for the explorer IMO.

    Mine is back on bracelet, easily my preferred option
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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    I too would go with plain black on Explorer I. Might consider green stripe for Bloodhound Air King, or maybe plain black for AK as well?

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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    It might be boring, but I'd go for plain black. If the whole idea is to add color, I'd choose green.
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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    Plain black or for a splash of color, I kinda like red.
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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    Yep first choice all black, but I quite like the Red too.

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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    Almost any aftermarket strap looks great on the Explorer, but none beat the original bracelet.
    I voted red stripe....

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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    To me, it just doesn't get any more "Rolex" than the green.
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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    I voted red. I like the pop you would get. And I agree with you - you’ll want the green for the AK (or Everest’s version)

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    Re: Explorer 214270 on RubberB - three choices

    @MeiXiang, I voted GREEN. Red will not go well with any of the watches you have in your collection unless you pair it with your Sea Dweller and the red text on it.

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