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    Explorer 6150 - 1954

    Hi all,

    I need some help on finding an original box for my father in law's explorer.

    He had it from his mother as a 21st birthday present in 1956 and it has been sat in his drawer for the last 40 years. He was a probation officer all his working life and one of his 'clients' has been an apprentice watch maker. He gave him his Explorer to see if he could service it and get it going again but lo and behold the scallywag did a runner. A few months later police searched his flat and found a large number of high end watchs and amongst them was the Explorer. Dave, my father in law, put it in his drawer and left it there for a number of years. Around 20 years ago his wife took it to a Jewlers to get it fixed for his birthday. After a week or so she returned to collect it and was told that the movement had been removed and that it would cost many hundreds of pounds (a lot then) to get it fixed. She told Dave and, as it fitted in with the whole toe rag client affair, it went back in the drawer. Dave now lives in France and a few years ago saw a Rolex at a carboot sale and bought it thinking he could use the movement, but alas it was a fake! He has always wanted to get the watch working because of the sentimental value in it but has been thrawted at every turn.

    I have a small collection of watches and asked Dave if I could borrow the watch and look out for a movement to use in it. Anyway I took of the case back and it was in there afterall so is now with a watchmaker in Birmingham's jewlery quarter getting repaired. I hope to give it to him for his 79th birthday later this year.

    To crown it all off I would really like to get my hands on the correct box to present it to him. I am hoping someone out there will be able to post some phots of the box and I would also be really keen to see some nice pics of your Explorers too.

    Here's hoping...
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