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    Off topic How about a Vancouver GTG

    I've never seen one of these yet. IS there any interest (not just Omega, Rolex, etc.) How many of us in the GVRD are interested?
    Tim Jantzen

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    Re: How about a Vancouver GTG

    Hi Tim,

    I live in Vancouver, can you please let me know the next time there is a GTG planned for the GVRD. I would be interested in attending. Thanks,

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    Re: How about a Vancouver GTG

    There was a GTG in Vancouver 2 weeks ago. It was an official TZ get together...dinner, prizes and all - from what I read, there was an awesome turnout, some amazing time pieces, and an awesome dinner.

    I had reserved a spot and was going to go but ended up having to bail a couple days beforehand becuase I had to be out of town...I was pretty disappointed...I am definitely looking forward to the next TZ GTG though...

    Keep an eye out on TZ...some people there might organize one too..
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    Re: How about a Vancouver GTG

    I would definitely be interested in a Vancouver GTG I am in Pitt Meadows but can travel around the GVRD easily. It would be nice to see some of the other amazing watches around Vancouver.

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