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    Need some 16760 help

    I love the 16760. I’ve been stashing away cash for a while and might be ready to jump on one this year. My question is when did the text change from “oyster perpetual” to “oyster perpetual date”. I was born in 1984 and I kind of want one from that year but it seems some from 1984 have the no date face and some have do not. Is there any definitive information when the change happened? It’s not make or break. I think for personal reasons I want a 1984 serial number. More curiosity than anything.

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    Re: Need some 16760 help

    I'm not 100% on your question.

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    Re: Need some 16760 help

    The 16760, for whatever reason, wasn’t a really popular reference. For a watch that wasn’t around for very long it’s value has been pretty stable with the 16710. Which is a good thing if you’re buying one.

    The not so good thing is that they’re Hard(ish) to come by if you want one in good condition and info on them is pretty scant.

    I know becuase I spent a long time looking for one and couldn’t get one I like in the condition I wanted it in. I’m also in Australia which poses additional challenges finding on from a reputable second hand dealer.

    Anyway there isn’t much info on your question apart from the absence of ‘date’ being on the earliest examples of them. Anecdotally, even watches from 84 weren’t consistent in their use of date vs no date. From my search of them the chunk of models came later in the series and ones from 84 are harder to find.

    Anyway good luck finding what you want!
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    Re: Need some 16760 help

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    1987 with original dial, already "date"

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    Need some 16760 help

    Id be surprised if you found one from 1984 without the date.

    Factor in that many have service dials+hands (and more) at this point in their existence and its even less likely to find (even if 1984 no-date ever existed).

    The stuff Im seeing on Chrono24 is being dated based on the guarantee paperwork date. Id be willing to bet that the watches that have their original factory Mk I dials have serials that would suggest they were manufactured before that.

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