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Thread: Opinions on Omega

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Definitely find Omega to be close to Rolex if not comletely equal. I own the iconic Speedmaster moomwatch and a Ceramic Omega seamaster limited edition 50th anniversary bond watch. Biggest complaint on the Omega is for both of my watches I really dislike the bracelet as compared to the Oyster on my Rolex. Just a personal preference.

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Long time Rolex and Omega owner here.

    The PO line and Seamster line is very impressive, the dial and handset, in my opinion are better made than Rolex. The multi-facet(3) on a small hand is straight out of Grand Seiko land(sans the brushing)

    I found their bezel and bracelet is still not better than Rolex, the clasp for example rubs against the first link, you'll see an annoying mark on the bracelet within a week or wearing it. With that said, it's still a good improvement compare to the older SMP and 2500 PO. The trigger clasp is much more crisp. Their liquid metal bezel insert, unlike the Rolex ceramic bezel insert are filled, thus you don't get those sand and dirt trapped inside of the marking. Omega tense to update their watch hardware quite fast and often, unlike Rolex.

    The bezel clicks is still mushy because it's still using the click spring system instead of the spring loaded ball plunger like the rolex and tudor(60 clicks), this is the case with my 8500 PO.

    With that said, they do bring a lot of hardware for the price, they are a bargain if you don't mind getting grey market or used.

    The speedmaster pro is a pure joy to own, mine is pushing 14 years old without any service done. It's still running very very well, it's workhorse piece and I wear that very often in rotation with the Rolex Sub.

    Which one is better? It's really up to you. I have/had a dozen of them and I still can't tell, oh well, maybe just a few more.
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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by sportura View Post

    We can discuss how Omega hasn't come close to launching a timepiece as good looking as the Daytona Ceramic in about 50 years. That's mine up there.
    No arguments. That is a cracking* watch.

    * Means good looking in Australia.
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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Killer View Post
    No arguments. That is a cracking* watch.

    * Means good looking in Australia.
    Thanks for the kind words, dude*

    I had put down a deposit and reserved a 60th Anniversary '57 Speedmaster back in April as the CK2915 was always my grail and Omega did a great job with the detail, but once the grey market prices on the Daytona came down to something I could rationalize I decided I had to move in that direction.

    I'll own that 60th Speedy '57 LE some day. Just has to wait for now.

    * Means "friend" in America 🇺🇸

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    I think he's trying to be funny, right? Cuz I am laughing. Nobody is this douchey. It's a joke people (I think, I hope, I'm actually not sure)

    Quote Originally Posted by sportura View Post
    I don't know what a Wanker is but I assume that it is not good. I use the word "we" because that's what the collective perception of Rolex is in the eyes of the public, not because all Rolex owners buy-in to that perception. I didn't buy my Rolexes because of public perception if that's what you're aiming for.

    Getting past semantics, it is wholeheartedly impossible for anyone not to know what the public perception is of Rolex as a brand and what that perception says about its owner. Rolex is the #1 luxury brand in the world, it's the #1 symbol of status in the world, so tell me why you want to run and hide from this perception? Isn't that at least a small part of why you paid 3x as much for your Explorer than you did if instead you purchased an Aqua Terra or Seamaster?

    "Opinions on Omega" starts with an understanding of what makes Omega different than Rolex. Well, the brand tax is the biggest differentiator. "We" (not all of us, but the collective Rolex buying public) pay a lot more for a watch of similar function to an Omega for one reason- brand image. I get the fact that it's unseemly to talk this way, we're all supposed to be great people with wholesome values blah blah. But we're talking about Rolex. LOL. It's the #1 status symbol in the world. You can't tell me with a straight face that brand perception didn't play into your purchase process.
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    Opinions on Omega

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    I love Rolex. But everyone should have at least 1 Omega in the collection. I think my Seamaster Ceramic is as good as a pre ceramic sub. Glad to have the Omega.

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    I put Omega right alongside Tudor when it comes to quality.
    90% of Rolex, but at 50-75% of the price.
    Omega at retail price... no way.
    Omega at gray market prices... yes.
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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by sportura View Post
    Listen, I didn't create this perception. Rolex did. They've spent billions of dollars over 100 years carefully crafting the reputation of the brand and what it means to be seen wearing one of their timepieces.

    The paradox always amuses me. Those who don't like what Rolex means to the average guy on the street shouldn't be wearing a Rolex. It comes with the watch. It's standard equipment. And this thought that we should all shy away from the stereotype....please. People act like they didn't know going-in that buying a Rolex was going to typecast them as a certain type of individual. "That's not me" they say. "Those aren't my values" they say. Oh. Really.
    Show me a rolex as cool as this

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    There's plenty of models to love on both sides. I own two Rolex and one Omega and logically have a reasonably good opinion about myself and other Omega owners . My next watch might be an Omega Speedmaster Racing (BW2017) or perhaps a '57.

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