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Thread: Opinions on Omega

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Huge respect. I handled the Aqua Terra at the weekend and I thought it was superb. Beautiful movement, the 8500.

    The Speedy is of course awesome.

    Raza, nice Monty Python reference there. Next time I get a blemish on a watch, perhaps I'll say to myself, 'Tis but a scratch' / 'only a flesh wound' :)
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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by Berty234 View Post
    Huge respect. I handled the Aqua Terra at the weekend and I thought it was superb. Beautiful movement, the 8500.

    The Speedy is of course awesome.

    Raza, nice Monty Python reference there. Next time I get a blemish on a watch, perhaps I'll say to myself, 'Tis but a scratch' / 'only a flesh wound' :)
    I've owned both Rolex and Omega, and although I enjoy the new model Explorer that I currently own, it's been displaced by the Aqua Terra that I picked up a couple weeks ago. The newer watch has the 8500 movement, and it's amazingly accurate, and I find it even more comfortable to wear. I wouldn't wear it on adventures, I suppose, but for EDC and when I need to dress up a sports watch situation a li'l bit, I find the AT perfect.

    BTW, I picked up the AT--in a good deal--to help satisfy the Datejust Jones that I'd been suffering. I still desire a DJ, but not nearly as acutely as I did before.

    My experience, as of late. I have absolutely no idea how this comments or reflects on other Omega owners.

    Cheers, y'all!


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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Love my Speedy, and Planet Ocean. Fun brand for sure. Can't wait to get a Rolex soon so can't comment on one just yet. I guess I am in the camp of the what I wear not really defining who I am, so not quite sure how to answer the last part. But I do love my Omega's enough I felt the need to post :)


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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    I have an Omega 2500D 42mm. Purchased new in 2009. Just had my first service. It has never let me down and has on average +2 seconds accuracy. My friend owns the Bond SMP and also swears buy it although I hassle him about the bracelet because for my taste it is a little on the cheesy side.

    If Rolex ever made the GMT with a Pepsi bezel and in 42mm I would line up at the store like those nerds that wait for the next iPhone.

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    They make great and unique chronos and are very unique in their own ways!

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    ...my father can't help it...he's genetically predisposed to elderberries...*sob*
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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    I was an Omega fan for more than a decade. I owned the Seamaster 2255.80.00, then the Planet Ocean 2200.50.00 and finally the Planet Ocean 8500 /

    I was really expecting great things of the 8500 but found it to be stupidly thick, not that accurate, and having some deal breaking design flaws that made me want rid of it quickly.

    I am deeply concerned about value: Omega clearly wanted a piece of the Rolex market and pushed their prices up sharply, dumped a bunch of loyal retailers, and moved to the boutique model. But the market clearly has not accepted this. If you buy grey or nearly new, you can get 40% or more off MSRP (try getting that on a Rolex). So if you do shop one of those boutiques and pay retail plus tax, you are going to be murdered horribly if you ever want to sell; expect to lose 50% in the first year easily.

    I found Omega metal to be fairly soft, and it seemed to scratch more easily that even the polished center links on my Rolex.

    For all the bragging about Co-Axial, I don't like the 7 ticks sweep, and my last one was about four seconds fast a day.

    I respect Omega for trying a lot of things; new case materials like ceramic or titanium. They are clearly willing to push the envelope far more than Rolex. But this is also a double edge sword. I am looking at a popular gray market retailer right now, and at the time of writing, they have 116 variants of the Planet Ocean. 224 variants of the Aqua Terra. 95 versions of the Speedmaster.

    I mean, there's consumer choice, and there's some craziness. I'm not sure the endless variety helps them with their residual values.

    As for the people who wear them, because two of the three Omega watches I've owned were positive experiences, I do look at an Omega with fondness. One of the waiters at the restaurant I went to last night was wearing a mid-sized Brosnan Bond era blue wavy faced Seamaster on a Bond NATO strap which I thought was a cool option for a young guy.

    In general it is easy to see why Omega are the second most popular Swiss watch brand. I think that the choice and options would certainly appeal to a younger audience.

    All that said, my last Omega experience really hurt my love of the brand, which will take me a while to get over. I watch with interest how the new Master Chronometer lines work out for long term reliability and accuracy. I've not owned that kind of movement.

    At the end of the day, I might at some point get another one, but I would only consider gray, as no dealer is going to come close to compensating me for that massive hit in value I'd take walking out of the store.

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    My Omega AT is a great watch, if the bracelet had about 1mm more taper to it I'd wear it a lot more, as is it starts to cut into my wrist at the end of a long day.
    But for a normal 12-14 hour day it goes on my wrist regularly.
    I put Omega on par with Tudor as far as overall quality, about 90% of Rolex. if Omega would just drop the prices by 25% across the board (to around Tudor MSRP) I'd own a lot more of them.

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    Opinions on Omega

    Too many models currently. I feel it detracts from the brand. I think they are quality, and a fan of the coaxial implementation. Vintage does nothing for me either.

    That being said, I am a fan of the sea master pro's, Standard PO (2500 and 8500), Skyfall aqua Terra's, and Moonwatch. I feel like people that own them don't mind talking watches, and are generally more well informed than the average Rolex owner that buys a Rolex because Rolex.

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    Re: Opinions on Omega

    Omegas get dated fairly quickly. Never seen a dated Rolex.
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