Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?
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Thread: Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

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    Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

    I recently got my wife a Rolex OP 34mm which has engraved case back as it was a "service" watch which I DO believe the engraving was done by Rolex as I did not see this particular dial except for this model (Hard rock 10th version - white dial OP 34mm).

    My wife LOVES this PARTICULAR dial due to the contrasty markers with black surroundings. (easier to see - reason why she moved up from 26mm to 34mm)

    Now, it does not really bother me or her regarding the engraving. BUT that said, once service is due, would RSC swap out the case back with plain one if requested even though it did not come with this PARTICULAR watch from factory? (I hear case backs are cheap parts - relatively speaking)

    OR will they insist that they only replace with factory engraved one since that is "correct part" for this particular model/serial?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

    Last I heard Rolex would replace a case back. I would not want any engraving on the case back of a watch I owned, even more so someone else who had engraving that did not apply to me. I would want the engraving gone even if it meant the expense of a new case back.

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    Re: Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

    Most likely the engraving could be polished off. Most engraving is superficial enough that it can be removed with little difficulty and no later detrimental effects.
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    Re: Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

    Well, if Rolex did the original engraving, I would imagine they would let you keep it if you so asked them.

    Heck, if my wife gave me a Rolex with an engraved back, attesting to her eternal love, who are they to remove it?? It's not as if the back is an integral part of the watch....

    Have you asked your local RSC?
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    Re: Quick Rolex Service question: Case back replacement?

    I had a modern Rolex with a laser engraving from an AD.
    I removed it with a some wet and dry on a flat surface, long straight passes and don’t round the edges. I did not even need to remove the case back as it sat proud of the lugs. I forget which grade it was, maybe 240-400gt. The laser engraving is pretty light, deep hand engraving may be a little different.
    A watchmaker would have no problem doing it, especially a watch with a nice flat case back, which is most modern Rolexes.

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