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    Rolex 3525 question

    My uncle was a bomber pilot in WW2, and shot down over France in 1944.
    He was smuggled into Switzerland by the French resistance, and was a "guest" of the Swiss for about 9 months.

    What most people don't know is that the Swiss kept many of the American soldiers as POW's, in not very favorable conditions; certainly better than being a POW in Germany though.

    Before the war ended he escaped to Spain with several other Americans (again, aided by the French resistance), and to the day he passed he did not like the Swiss.

    He did however get a Rolex chronograph, and that's my question.

    He didn't wear it very often, but when he did he'd let me push the buttons and look at it.
    Here's what I don't understand: the watch dial (from my memory) said "Cosmograph".
    The reason I remember is that he explained to me what it meant (from cosmos), and I mistakenly thought cosmograph was synonymous with chronograph.
    In junior high school I insisted that a teachers chronograph was a "cosmograph" (what did I know).

    My uncle passed on in the early 90's, and the watch disappeared shortly after his death. We suspect a niece took it, and if she did, it was quickly converted into meth.

    In trying to learn more about these watches, I don't see ANY records of a Rolex "cosmograph" from the 1940's (excepting a moonphase watch called the "Cosmograph"-that was not his watch).
    It did say antimagnetic.

    It wasn't a counterfeit, as I remember this watch from before 1960.

    I'm curious what the hell that was.


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    Re: Rolex 3525 question

    Here is a Hodinkee article that also talks about a POW wearing a 3525 and escaping a POW camp, later made into the Steve McQueen Movie "The Great Escape" :

    I understand that "cosmograph" was not put onto chronographs until the 60s with the Daytonas, sorry I cant be of more help there.

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    Re: Rolex 3525 question

    Check this thread out. I think it's just a name now that Rolex issued to the Daytona. Cosmograph makes sense with the moonphase but not with the Daytona. In its essence it's just a chronograph.

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