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    Rolex on original bracelet

    Well, I have been round the houses half a dozen times and I have finally concluded that Rolexes look best on the bracelet they come with. I have tried my Subs and Explorers on:

    - A Rubber B strap
    - An Isofrane Strap (big fan)
    - Many NATO straps (pick of the bunch - Zuludiver from Oz)
    - Many Perlon straps (pick of the bunch - Eulit Panama)
    - Several leather straps (pick of the bunch - Di Modell Rallye)

    But none seems to have lasting appeal compared to the bracelet. I think it has something to do with the slightly smaller size of the current and past Rolex case to modern eyes. The bracelet makes the watch look slighter bigger, the various straps I have tried slightly smaller. Maybe it also has something to do with the iconic nature of the brand.

    I love my Seiko divers on rubber straps and I find my Omegas and Tudors quite at home on bracelet, leather and NATO.

    Anyone else have the same view - or the opposite (and apologies if this has already been done to death somewhere)?
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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    Agree 100% - love the OEM bracelet the best too!
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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    Agreed 100%, that's the same reason I keep coming back to original bracelet. But I haven't tried he end link leather strap yet and would like to get one of that for my explorer 114270. I believe with the end link strap it will have a different look.

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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    I also completely agree, bracelet is best on most rolexes. Also agree it's usually my least fav on my seikos

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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    I think the most fun is how quickly a strap or bracelet change can alter the look of any watch. I agree with you though that the best looking rolex is factory original.

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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    I think it's bracelet or NATO for me. The bracelet probably looks best but the NATO is so practical, it allows me to wear the watch without any worries at all. Leather has never made any sense at all to me. I understand that the vast majority of us are never going to dive in a Submariner but still the illogical nature of wearing a dive watch on leather baffles me. I'm odd like that though.

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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    I wear my Sub-C on a Hirsch pure rubber quite often. I like how it wears and also how it takes some shininess away from it.

    But I've been wearing it on the bracelet for the past few months and enjoy it as well.

    Funny, at 40mm, it wears as one of my bigger watches.
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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    Normally when I buy a new watch, I order leather straps and NATOs immediately for it. I've had my OP 39 for 1.5 months maybe and have had no desire at all to order additional straps.
    I owned a 14060 for about 6 months as well and same thing; always went back to bracelet. I think I wore it on a NATO a handful of times.

    Although it's a personal preference, I find watches with functional bezels (i.e. divers, GMTs, etc) look good on NATO. Watches with polished bezels (like the OP), do not.
    I've seen many pics of Explorers on NATO - sorry, looks way better on the bracelet.
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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    Agreed. They look best on a bracelet. They are perhaps the watch most associated with a bracelet...
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    Re: Rolex on original bracelet

    I used to HATE watches on bracelets until Rolex changed my mind!
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