Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

Thread: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

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    Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    Help needed please

    I got my 16610 serviced a couple of years ago but only stated wearing the watch again recently. Then noticed after having been out for a walk that the lume pip was bright as a button when I was putting my watch away, hence it was super luminova. Felt like a complete fool for not having considered this before.

    The thing is I thought the jewellers where I took it in to have the service didn't advise me of this when I got the phone call to discuss the bezel and crystal. The crystal had been chipped so needed changing and I was almost persuaded to have the bezel insert changed as well.

    If I had known the tritium was not going to be replaced like for like, I would not have bothered.

    I will contact the jewellers after lockdown and see what they say. However, could do with suggestions about how to sort the watch out.

    Now that I have noticed how white the super luminova pearl is, I can't help but notice the difference between this and the hour markers and hands.

    I live in Manchester, England so a local solution would be preferable e.g. pip replacement. I don't mind the new bezel insert, just the pip.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    The best thing will be to get your pip back.

    If for some reason you cannot get it. What I do is to remove the luminova from the back of the pip and paint something matching the dial lume

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    Re: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    Rolex won't do like for like, you get the current.

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    Re: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    I think you should replace pip separately.
    Rolex won't fix it again.

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    Re: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    I hate to break it to you but after two years you wanna go back to RSC and demand action for a alleged mistake? Good luck.

    It's a well known fact that Rolex will replace defective/worn out parts with service parts unless deliberate instructions are given by the customer not to replace.

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    Re: Rolex submariner 16610 bezel insert issue

    I hope the best for you, but I do not think you will like the answers you get when you start calling the people this happened through like the jeweler or Rolex.
    The good news is you will be able to remedy the situation, i wish i could be more helpful with suggestions of places local to you in England but here is the states there are places like LAWW in California that specialize in care for older rolex watches. I would try to find a highly review and long standing independent who can source a correct pip for you and install

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