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    Tudor Black Bay 41 75940


    Recently picked up my Tudor Black Bay 41 75940 black dial in bracelet. I was looking for some leather strap options to go along and really like the OEM style brown leather strap.


    Does anyone have recommendation where I can pick up a similar look of the OEM leather strap? I know OEM strap will costs hundreds and I am not really looking to pay that much.
    I looked around like in crowne and buckle, strapco, bartons, and other places but really couldnt find one that was really similar look to the OEM strap. Really like that white stitching on bright brown color.

    Pictures would be helpful as well! I have the black.

    Thank you all!!

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    Re: Tudor Black Bay 41 75940

    For the BB, you need to make sure its very thick leather. The BB lugs are not very forgiving of thinner straps. I dont like the Tudor leather strap and bought a Di modell leather and I still couldnt live with the lug gap for very long so it lived on bracelet with the occasional NATO. Heres a photo of the strap. Not what you were asking for as its a different watch and the strap doesnt have the distressed look but it should give you an idea of the thickness youll need. The big old lugs on the BB is the only criticism of a brilliant watch. Name:  BB  red leather.jpeg
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    Re: Tudor Black Bay 41 75940

    I have this shell cordovan strap on my mine:

    I have one of their straps on my Speedmaster, too. Very happy with them.

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