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    Vintage 1930's or 40's Rolex


    My great grandfather left me his watch when he passed and was just wondering if anyone knew which model and year it would be.
    From researching I believe it to be
    an Australian Rolex 1930's - 1940's with a Handel case.

    Anymore info would be amazing.

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    Re: Vintage 1930's or 40's Rolex

    Its one of two things. Handel did make cases for Rolex but if I recall they were for the Unicorn line. Your watch would be from the very late 40s or into the 50s because of the center seconds. The style of the dial and hands screams 1950s. I have never seen a Handel case with a Rolex dialed movement. Most likely what you have is a re-case. A Rolex dialed movement was dropped into the Handel case at some point in time.

    You may be right about the Australia thing. Australia, Canada, China, etc have all done market specific watches that arent available in other countries. They may have used Rolex dials where Unicorn was used in the US.
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    Re: Vintage 1930's or 40's Rolex

    I had one very similar a few years ago - same movement, same red seconds hand, same "Shock-resisting", same Honeycomb dial.

    You are correct re Australia - movements were shipped over and fitted into locally produced cases by dealers, to avoid taxes. Mine was a soiid gold Dennison case. I will try to find a photo of it.

    Th movement was a low end Aegler 5 jewel - Rolex didn't make their own movements until the 1500 series made much later. But the Aegler movements were robust and reliable.

    These gold Rolexes are hard to quantify, because really it was Rolex on-selling movements and dials as a quick way to make money in the post war years. I believe they went into different cases, but I can't prove that.

    Nice watch, and very reliable.

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