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Thread: Fake or legit Rangeman?

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    Thanks for all the replies 👍 the watch is cheap, with the Price being around 80-100,- euro
    But there is just to many red flags in my opinion...
    1: bad pictures
    2: the batchnumber does not add up, with the list provided in this thread + matching with the batchnumber on the fake in the video
    3: the area around the date, is not dimmer than the rest of the display
    4: the part og the band where the band is attached to the case is flat, and not “rugged”
    5: the plastic around the light button is Black and not grey
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    Re: Fake or legit Rangeman?

    100% fake, stay away.

    As mentioned earlier, the display field around the date is the same shade. The module in that unit is to have a tinted display there.

    Aside from the display looking incorrect anyway, the digits are not as robust and they are on a real rangeman. The device is filthy and the pictures were taken with a potato. Stay away.

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    Re: Fake or legit Rangeman?

    Fake and beat to crap.

    There are legit MINT Rangeman for $180 or less for careful, patient shoppers.
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