ambit2 gps accuracy problems

Thread: ambit2 gps accuracy problems

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    ambit2 gps accuracy problems


    In my moves in alps I have a lot of times troubles with gps track. Look on link below:

    DejanGr's 7:10 h Mountaineering Move

    In this case I go back from top of the mountain on the same way that I climb on it.
    The track should be the same in both directions, but it isnt. Watch was recorded the right gps track only from the top to the starting point.

    I use best gps accuracy (1 sec interval) and gps position format is set to WGS84 Hd.d (default).

    I have this trouble only when mountaneering in alps.

    It look like gps signal in certain points is weak, or maybe something else is quilty for this inaccuracy (or that is normal) ???

    Any ideas, many thanks.

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    Re: ambit2 gps accuracy problems

    under 4K the watch will use the compass to guide you (I assume based on GPS coordinates), check to make sure the compass is calibrated.

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    Re: ambit2 gps accuracy problems

    I never calibrate compass and I never used it in exercise like mountaneering. I did not know that gps and compass are conected. So before I start mountaneering, I must just calibrate compass and thats it..

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    Re: ambit2 gps accuracy problems

    Hello kitta,

    this summer, I went from Munich to venice. During theese 28 days my tracks sometimes looked simillar (or worse) to yours. Made them with a Garmin GPSMAP 62 st. The device was on the top of the backbag, but in some areas GPS was too weak, to get a clear signal. Keep eyes open in the mountains

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