Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3
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Thread: Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3

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    Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3

    I have been using an Ambit for a few years and am familiar with route creation and sync'ng with the desk top version of Movescount. Just added an Ambit3 (don't have it in hand yet) in hopes of some better battery life and I know the A3 won't sync via the desktop. Good and bad I suppose.. I like being able to adjust display setting via the Movescount mobile app, not sure yet whether I will like working with routes on the app.

    I usually create routes using either or CalTopo, export the gpx and upload to Add back waypoints and transfer to the Ambit via Moveslink.

    How will this process change when sync'ng via the mobile app?

    Will moves recorded with the A3 be visible on along side those I have accumulated over the years of using the Ambit? Likewise, will those old moves be visible in the Movescount app?

    In short, what does the process of route creation and saving moves look like these days??

    I don't intend to give up my original Ambit just yet. Will the old sync cords work with the newer A3 for charging and/or sync or is the new cord just for charging given that the sync is now BT?

    My old HR belt is going to be incompatible with the newer A3, correct?

    My login credentials don't work with the Suunto app and the Movescount app is looking to connect to the A3 with no login option. So what happens

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3

    I figured out the login on the app and now see my old moves... that's good.

    Have yet to figure out how to create or transfer routes to the A3.

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    Re: Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3

    Did I screw myself by logging into the Suunto tracker app?

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    Re: Need to get caught up on Movescount & Ambit3

    Considering all that mess with Movescount web, Movescount mobile app, Moveslink2, Suunto app, SportsTracker app & SportsTracker web, it's quite OK to be bit confused.

    Anyway, there's nothing stopping you from using you current Ambit workflow with Ambit3 for now (*) - connect it to a cable and let Moveslink2 on your desktop to handle all the rest, just like you do with your Ambit. Feel free to use the same cable for both of your Ambits. After you have paired your new Ambit3 to your Movescount account by connecting it to cable, you can choose either Ambit or Ambit3 at and then proceed with with watch settings, sport modes, routes and POIs.

    *If* you want to be able to sync Ambit3 without a cable, have phone notification on your watch and maybe build structured intervals, you should first install Movescount app -
    Do *NOT* confuse it with Suunto app - - they are different. If you already installed Suunto App, just remove it for now (**)

    Regarding HR belt you are correct, old Ambit ANT belt is not compatible with Bluetooth-only Ambit3. If you are planning to get a new belt, I actually can't recommend Suunto's SmartSensor - at least mine is super-sensitive to static electricity from synthetic clothing and belts wear out quite fast. Currently I use Polar H10 belt with my Ambit3 and and I'm quite happy with this set. And there are quite many other Suunto users who have had same issues and have made the same switch. Besides, H10 will have a SW update soon that will enable it's ANT+ transceiver, so in next few months H10 will also work with pretty much all the sport watches out there, including your old Ambit :)

    *) - if your Ambit3 is a new purchase, I hope you are aware that currently the future of Movescount is all but clear, officially there are nothing more than . If Movescount would be switched off today, there would be *NO* supported means to adjust sport modes, manage Mouescount apps and load routes to a watch.

    **) - though Suunto seems to push Ambit3 users to new Suunto App, it's quite far from finished product and currently can't do much more that just transfer activities from the watch. There's currently no support for updating settings & sport modes, no support for routes nor waypoints. Sync from the watch might be bit more stable & faster when compared to Movescount mobile, it also provides some direct synchronization to some direct 3rd services that Movescount does not support (Runalyze, Relive, Endomondo). Or the data quality can be bit better, depending on your desired application (Strava & it's elevation data, broken for Movescount but OK for Suunto App). And actually it is possible to run both apps on the same phone, but it does need some care and fiddling. So I'd just start with Movescount mobile app.

    Just noticed you are using iphone. You can ignore play store links, but otherwise it should be quite the same for ios.
    And if you haven't already, you might want to check topics at
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