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Thread: Open Source for Ambit

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    Open Source for Ambit

    Hey Suunto,

    How about making the Ambit open source?

    Think about it. It won't actively be developed for anymore because of "hardware limitations". The people who bought it months ago for $500 are rather disappointed. I think you can take this situation and turn it around for you by making the Ambit 1 open source.

    I would hate to think that the only difference between my old Ambit 1, and the newer ones is *just* a $0.60 piece of upgraded hardware, so there is no need to do a complete software change. And the new Ambits' software will dramatically be different from the final version that the Ambit 1 will have, right?

    How about opening this information up so we can do thousands of more man years of research on it than just your company? We like the "apps", but calculating simple formulas isn't the extent of the Ambit Hardware.

    How about it? Open up my Ambit.


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    Re: Open Source for Ambit

    As much as I'd like to see that happening, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Right now Suunto has conrtol over whole Ambit SW ecosystem (If one can call it a ecosystem in first place): Movescount, Moveslink, Ambit FW, bootloader + any other bits and pieces I'm not awere of. As they are the only ones who actually use bootloader to update SW, they can keep it quite simple, by opening it up as it is right now, I'm quite sure we would see A LOT of bricked watches.
    Possible arguments against opensourcing would also be bogous data uploaded to Movescount, but I personally wouldn't take that as valid point - with enough motivation one could probably do it today also, e.g. by generating Moveslink xmls herself and trick Moveslink to upload those.

    Other thing to note is how companies state they are bindded by licences and other legal terms to their suppliers (e.g GPS platform provider) and simply can't provide sources even if they wanted. Convenient for sure, but also valid in quite many cases, closed binary blobs in video drivers of RasperryPI single-board computer, one of the first real example, to pop in mind. And this is/was educational and open sorce HW/SW project from start.

    I also believe that in SW development, even the possbility to open source project later should be considered from very start, later on it can take too much effort or be near impossible to de-couple it from parts that one does not wish to make public at any cost (internal and valuable know-how, test platform, refernces to future/parallel developments, etc etc).

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