Just wanted to post a word of positive support for my Traverse alpha.

We traveled several weeks in some very remote locations through several times zones.
when we made connections it was by trains, so there was some need of accurate time.

I have a nice mechanical watch that is considered to keep very good time, that is for a mechanical movement.
For this trip i chose the quartz not just for better accuracy over the several weeks but also for the ability to track sunrise/sunset, altitude and compass.

The altitude is not super accurate but my knowing altitude to within 60 feet was never more that just curiosity anyway. All other features were excellent.

I never ran the watch as a GPS so my interval to recharge the battery was never more that once a week...and I have ran it up to 16 days before.
If I ran the GPS mode......it is to tiny for my old eyes anyway. I do carry a larger GPS that has replaceable batteries.

So, my report is 2 thumbs up for this model. More features than just a watch and more accuracy than mechanical watches.