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    Core Extreme Silver review...

    The Suunto Extreme Core Silver is a positive display Core model from the "Extreme" line of Suunto Core. The most obvious difference between the Extreme line of Core's and the other standard Core models is the fixed lower profile bezel.

    My first impression of the Extreme silver model is that the stock Suunto pics dont do the watch justice. Its a very cool looking Suunto. The silver on the bezel is more of a flat metallic aluminum look, not silver paint. The bezel has 4 recessed torx bolts that hold the bezel in place. The black holes are contrasted nicely on the silver bezel. I like the way the bezel is contrasted with a inner black tapered ring that flows into the crystal. This black ring has yellow labeling and top and bottom yellow hash marks. The shade of yellow is "Lance Armstrong Nike" yellow. Its a very nice color and really sets off the watch. The bezel hash marks are recessed down to let water easilly run off the top of the crystal. You can also use these recessed hash marks like rifle sites to line up your direction for setting your bearing lock on the compass. It works very well for this.(Suunto was thinking with this design.)

    The Extreme Core bezel gives the watch the lowest wrist profile than any other Core model. It is very noticeable with a long sleeve jacket. I love the design.

    The fixed bezel gives the Core a more solid-as-a-rock feel than my Core models with ratchet bezels. The positive display is crystal clear and can be read 10 feet across the room. It blends very well with the silver bezel. My factory contrast was set at 4 and did not need to be adjusted. Absolutely no display ghosting. The buttons are checkered the same as the All Black Core model.

    My serial number is 017#####. This means it was made the 17 week (end of April) in the year 2010. The factory elastomer strap is the same as the All Black Core with black buckle. I put a light black elastomer strap on the Silver Extreme as pictured. For those that are new to Suunto, the "Light Black Elastomer" strap has slots cut out all the way to the head of the watch and allows maximum airflow. I recommend it for warm weather and maximum comfort.

    The back light was a pleasant surprise to me because it is the brightest back light I have seen on a Core model. This could just be luck??

    I put my Silver Extreme though its water torture test as well as all its accurate test. It passed with flying colors. In "Depth" profile the watch read 1 foot at exactly 12" of water submerging. I then soaked the watch in 33 degree ice water for 20 minutes while pressing buttons under water. Altitude and barometer test came up accurate with my other ABC watches. The "Auto" profile switched profiles after 25-30 feet altitude change in a 3 minute time. That is spot on.

    The Extreme Silver Core model is a very attractive/sporty model that looks and feels very high quality. Its positive face is THE easiest to read in any light or angle. Its lower profile would look at home in the office or in the woods and would fit under long sleeve jackets/shirts better than other Core models. It is a great looking model that functions as well as it looks.
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    Re: Core Extreme Silver review...

    Is this how the core backlight looks like on non-reverse display models? I thought it would light up the background around the digits like on a casio.

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    Re: Core Extreme Silver review...

    Thanks for that Mystro. I'm currently watching Amazon carefully, they have it at $203US, am waiting until it hits $193 (which was where it was at a month ago but I was still in Canada so wasn't convenient to order anyway). Also the Oz $ is riding high against the US greenback so the exchange is in my favour.

    Do you think the face is more robust than the other cores?? I ask because my all black is starting to scuff on the bezel back to silver. I would like the extreme silver becuase a. it looks cool, b. I want a core with a positive display for contrast to my all black and c. because I think it will take a beating better than my all black now that I am back at work.
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