4 new pictures of my WT...

Thread: 4 new pictures of my WT...

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    4 new pictures of my WT...

    Hi Guys,

    Haven't worn the WT sinec I got the Ionosphere a coupld of weeks ago, I had forgotten how mesmerizing the dial was:

    Why is it I always get hungry when I am taking pictures of my Balls? (again that didn't come out right... )

    I really love the bracelet on this one. As a matter of fact I prefer it to the Fireman bracelet, though the Fireman is still a great bracelet. I just prefer the way the end links "stick-out" away from the case on the Master II WT. Seems to hug the wrist better and keeps the watch in place...

    So anyone for Souvlaki or Chicken legs?
    Marc Levesque

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    Re: 4 new pictures of my WT...

    Mouthwatering!!--both the watch & the food! I like the WT and GMT models a lot--one of those is on my acquisition list--not sure which one it will be as yet?

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    Re: 4 new pictures of my WT...

    Marc, your WT is a very handsome and interesting looking piece...much better looking in your shots than in the website illustrations.

    Man, you've teased us with your hamburgers...now with your chicken drumsticks and souvlaki...

    ...I'd like a nice serving of souvlaki, please, and could you throw in a leg while you're at it? :thanks

    Take care,

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