5000 G-force test
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Thread: 5000 G-force test

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    5000 G-force test

    Autumn has arrived here to the East Coast, United States. The season has settled in beautifully, providing us with an endless supply of photogenic scenery. This is my first Ball watch, an Engineer Master II Diver, COSC. Since Autumn is my favorite season I went out to take some pics of it, perhaps to capture it against a gorgeous backdrop. I accidentally bumped it off a ledge with my camera. It plunged 15 feet into 12 inches of water. Three defacing gouges are now permanently ostensible near the center of the dial, there to remind me that I am human. Even with the horrible injuries to the crystal, the watch's overall condition is still acceptable. They are not noticeable enough to subtract from this watch's badassness. The crystal actually still looks good. I am fortunate and grateful the sapphire did not catastrophically rupture allowing water to rush in and destroy the movement. During the week I monitored the accuracy, and it has not changed. It is off by less than one second/day as it was before the spill. Behold, 5000 g-forces put to an unintended test.Name:  10438587_882226181801343_8582038691354818395_n.jpg
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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Excellent pictures.
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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    THAT is the very model I had my AD check for availability last week at the Ball Distributor.....none left unfortunately.

    I will hunt around US stores to see if there are any left.

    Stout watch!

    Thanks for the post.


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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Amusing story, beautiful setting, excellent pictures--and of course a very nice watch!

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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Great shots and story. Congrats on your first Ball! The COSC Diver on bracelet with the yellow accents was also my first Ball watch purchase back in 2008, and it still gets more wrist time than any other watch in my meager collection. While I don't have nearly as dramatic a story, my Diver has accumulated its share of wear marks. The marks make me love it even more. Enjoy!


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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Very cool watch and good story. This is my favorite of the Ball collection.

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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Your story should also be good news for those considering the Ducks Unlimited model which shares this case setup. Great story about a tough watch. The EMII series watches never get the to quote you "badassness" reputation they should since it always seems to go to their larger EHC brothers. I think they are the most wearable and toughest watches in the Ball line. Given the word that the Skindiver 40mm is going away I think I need to change my yearly rotation policy and bring a Diver II, Skindiver and Aviator Dual time back into my collection. These are all some of my favorite watches from this line that I've owned.
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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    I can attest to the quality of this model. I had a heavy steel framed door at my local post office SLAM into mine. Not a single issue, or scratch on the case.

    To put the impact into perspective it would have destroyed my by beloved vintage 1680 Submariner by no doubt breaking the acrylic crystal and trashing the bezel. It was a good thing I was wearing the Ball that day.

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    Re: 5000 G-force test

    Damn! Sorry to hear about the damage to the crystal and glad the watch survived. The crystal can always be replaced at service time, it would have been terrible if the case had been damaged. Love the pictures!

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