__REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

Thread: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

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    Exclamation ________"REAL" WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild ________!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Greetings !!
    First of all, let me please introduce myself:
    I am originally from Czechoslovakia and my first fascination about watches
    goes to my early teens & my dad's automatic Benrus that he was so proud of. It was a used
    watch that 'his uncle from America' handed him down back in early 60s and I thought it
    was the most precious thing in the world, the way he was protecting it.
    You have to understand - this was in the days when this old Benrus watch would
    represent about 6 months of salary in then communist country.
    Well, ver since that time I wanted to own a well known Swiss watch.

    I am a long time watch aficionado who started with quartz TAG back in the
    days and I thought that I was big pimpin' because I had a watch that was
    accurate to 1-2 seconds in 6 months. I noticed this, as I was changing time
    every six months and adjusting for DST. What I did not notice was that I was
    clueless about watches....

    ...few years later I bought my first Rolex and got the bug really bad after I
    started to hang on various watch forums. One thing lead to another and after a
    while I ended up with this:

    ehmmm......actually it got worse and I added a 'few' (a lot) more....more than double:oops:

    That was until I finally realized about 2 years ago that I was still clueless about
    watches and after all - I had only 1 wrist. Despite having this very nice
    collection and faithfully trying to rotate how I was wearing my watches on
    regular basis - I still could not enjoy each of them mathematically more than
    1-2 times per month. Fortunately, I was introduced to Patek and other fine watch
    manufacturers and decided to sell a great number of my watches and was
    fortunate to add some Pateks and AP to my collection while keeping only the
    most favorite (4) Oysters.

    "What does this have to do with BALL?"...you may ask.....

    Well, I am fortunate to live in Tampa Bay area and I am also fortunate to have
    Jeff Hess as my acquaintance (or do I dare to say 'friend' Jeff ?) for about 7
    years. In addition to meeting Jeff several times and discussing everything from
    Rolex to Patek and Geneva politics - Jeff also introduced me to this cool
    looking thing "called BALL watch" a couple of years ago ;)

    In his store, I played with the famous Alligator and marveled about it's tough
    build AND of course those darn micro gas tubes !!

    Jeff Hess and BALL watch USA were also very kind to sponsor a couple of get-
    together(s) (GTGs) or metings of watch collectors I organized in Tampa and New York
    in 2006 and 2007. As time went on - I had a chance to see and handle more BALL watches.
    The more I saw, the more I knew I wanted one someday. After my really good
    Rolex collector got his BALL Fireman, I thought I finally made a pick and
    almost bought one.

    Thinking back - I am glad I did not . I went to Baselworld this year and
    when the news about the Night Train with 63 (!!) gas tubes came out - I KNEW
    that this was the BALL I wanted.

    Of course every time I stopped by to see the BALL Watch USA guys in St. Pete
    - I begged them to let me play with the prototype and take some pictures. After
    I took these pictures, I made a post on one of the other watch forums (before
    this cool Ball forum even existed) and after I read the responses, I knew that in
    addition to my personal liking - BALL had a monster hit on their hands. I told
    Jeff that Night Train was going to be a "huge hit" and based on what I am
    reading on this forum, it looks like I was not far off

    I guess it pays to have 'friends in high places"...(LOL !)...and I even convinced
    Jeff and BALL watch guys that it is a good idea to let me have the prototype
    watch for two weeks while I went to Europe where I was attending a meeting
    of watch fans from Slovak and Czech Republics in late August. I do not need to
    tell you that the Night Train was well liked over there as well.

    The following pictures are combination of shots I took at BALL Watch USA
    office about 3 moths ago (copy of my old TZ post below) as well as from my trip to Slovakia
    (top 5 pictures). Hope you enjoy them !

    This text below is just copied from the post I made about this watch when I first had it in their office.
    I know many of you guys waited patiently through the
    slight recent delivery delays, but TRUST ME - it is WELL WORTH IT.


    June 15th 2007 (TZ Public Forum)
    My post was titled:
    "Oh boy........wife will not be happy.....another potential purchase on the horizon"

    (perhaps some of you even read it, before this forum even started)

    Yesterday I went to see my watchmaker who happens to be located very close
    to BALL Watch USA. Since B.W USA guys were very nice with their help for our
    2 last GTGs, I stopped by just to say hello. Although they brought several
    BALL watches to the GTG in NY last month - the new Fireman “Night Train”
    introduced in Basel 2007 was not there.

    I was lucky - they had the prototype of the watch in their office yesterday and
    I was able to play with it and take some pictures.

    I was tempted to buy their current production Fireman (top picture) for a
    few months now, but I am glad I waited. I was very intrigued by the new
    Fireman - Night Train when I saw the pictures from Basel 2007, but when I saw the
    watch in person yesterday - I am pretty sure that it will be the “Night
    Train” version. It is 43mm, but because of the black dial and dark gray case
    that is stainless steel coated with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) - the watch
    was not as big on my wrist at as I was expecting it to be. I am not that
    familiar with this new technology of coating, but supposedly it is very scratch
    resistant and a lot more durable than PVD coated watches.

    I reduced my collection to a few fine pieces over the period of last year.
    I think that this watch could make a nice addition when activities call for some
    ruggedness. This watch has a shock resistance of 5000Gs !

    As you can see from the pictures - the legibility on this watch is simply
    amazing. During the day the contrast is nice with B & W accents,
    but in dark the 63 micro Tritium gas tubes put on a show

    I hear that this watch comes with (ETA-based 2824-2) BALL Cal. 124 with UTC
    function. ETA 2824 is used by many higher end Swiss manufacturers. This
    particular watch is not a “Certified Chronometer, but the caliber is “COSC
    Certifiable” and this watch - when adjusted properly - will run at an
    excellent rate of accuracy.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it yesterday as the piece they had was a
    prototype, but I understand that first examples should hit the market at the
    end of July. I am not sure of the price either, but knowing the general
    price range of BALL watches I am pretty sure that it will be yet another
    great ‘bang for the buck’ that IMO can be seen across their whole line.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the ‘quick an dirty’ pictures I snapped yesterday. (Last picture
    was not taken by me. It is their press release picture I found on another web site).
    Now - what should I say to my wife about 'needing to buy' another watch?...lol

    Cheers !!


    PS: and here is one more (this time with the watch in focus) for a good measure

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!!! WOW!!!

    Welcome to our forum! I sure hope you stick around and participate with us Ball nuts. (no pun... really!)

    Man, what a watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again Milos,
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    Marc Levesque

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    WOW!!! Now THOSE are some Night Train shots!!!

    I guess it really does help having friends in high places!! LOL..

    Thanks for the great pics!! Don't suppose you have any of the lume???
    - TY -

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    ..so this one was not enough, huh ??

    Quote Originally Posted by imtrbo View Post
    Thanks for the great pics!! Don't suppose you have any of the lume???

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Welcome to the Ball Forum and thanks for those great photos--outdoors photos are always a lot of fun to see. Oh...and cute cow--what's his/her name?

    "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." -Oscar Wilde
    Collector of Ball, Stowa and Glycine timepieces

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by CalDiver View Post
    Oh...and cute cow--what's his/her name?
    her name is BESSY...of course

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Hi Milos,

    Welcome to WUS and the official Ball Watch Company Forum!

    I did get to see your TZ post and pics, and they're some of the finest Night Train pics that we've seen. Thanks for sharing them with us, here!

    I LOVE those "World of Cow" drawings!
    Take care,

    Damasko DA36 Black
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    Omega Seamaster Professional 300m LE "America's Cup"
    Seiko Black Monster w/Yobokies Anvil bracelet
    Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual SS(wedding gift)

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by WatchFan1 View Post

    ..so this one was not enough, huh ??

    Oops the other computer I was on didn't load the lume shots for some reason, sorry! :oops:
    - TY -

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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Started checking out Ball watches a couple of weeks ago, read their interesting history, liked the current watches and then REALLY liked their watches when I saw the new Night Train. No doubt the tritium tubes are a big part of that liking. (Was just watching TV in near darkness and couldn't tell by my watch what time it was. Earlier today I came inside from the sun and liked the superlume glow on my watch and now back to TV dark I felt like saying why didn't you save that noon glow till now bozo!) OK, now my question: why in nearly identical ambient light photos do the tritium tubes glow in one and not in the other. It's like there's a light switch on the side of the case gets flicked on!


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    Re: __REAL WRIST SHOTS of Night Train in the wild _______!!!_____(LONG !!)___15 pics.

    Is is a UV light that is used to show how the tritium tubes glow. You will notice a little bit of blue/purple around the watch in those shots.

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