Alligator Day/Date change... very cool

Thread: Alligator Day/Date change... very cool

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    Alligator Day/Date change... very cool

    I just thought this was worth mentioning, as this characteristic is unique amongst my collection, and impresses me every time I see it happen...

    When my Alligator changes the day/date at midnight, it doesn't slowly roll over as many watches do, sometimes taking up to an hour or more to flip. No, the Alligator Day and Date snap at precisely 12:00, so fast that you can't see them move. As the second hand sweeps past the 12, you hear a slight click sound, and the day and date are changed in a fraction of a second. It really is brilliant and precise, and again shows the quality and attention to detail in this watch.

    The movement in this watch is listed as a Ball Calibre 9018 on the Ball website, while other sites list it as a ETA 2836-2. It is by far, my most accurate Automatic, and the precise date change is icing on the cake.

    Just thought it was interesting.

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    Re: Alligator Day/Date change... very cool

    My 'mad cow' which is also utilising ETA 2836-2 showing same style of day & date changes. Except that it will be done every 11. 57pm.

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