Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

Thread: Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

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    Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

    Dear All,
    Please head over to for a look.

    The 2008 Conductor Chronograph is a slimmer, sleeker design. It is powered by our Ball 2050 two-register chronograph movement.

    Best Regards,

    ...needs to update his signature line.
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    Re: Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

    non stop mouth watering......

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    Re: Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

    WOW! Impressive!

    Any more info on the movement? Is it a modular chrono? Will it be used in other chronos? What is the base caliber?

    SUPER COOL and please keep us posted,
    Marc Levesque

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    Re: Announcing... the new Conductor Chronograph!

    Very excited about this one!!!

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