Anybody own one of these bad boys (CE Power Reserve)?

Thread: Anybody own one of these bad boys (CE Power Reserve)?

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    Anybody own one of these bad boys (CE Power Reserve)?

    Cleveland Express Power Reserve, silver dial?

    They seem quite rare, as far as I can tell, and despite searching here, I can't seem to find any posts by owners of this model.

    So . . . I'm curious if there are any owners out there, and what their impressions are, whether they are happy with this model, etc.

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    Re: Anybody own one of these bad boys (CE Power Reserve)?

    I owned the black dial, with gold accents--a very nice watch. I believe Michael (Samanator) had one as well, at least I remember him saying he couldn't get past the fact that the power reserve window reminded him of a smiley face--that didn't bother me too much, but what I didn't like was the absence of a "12" and the overly large date window--this window seemed out of proportion, and made the watch look like a true Cyclops (of movie monster fame)--as such I parted ways with it and never was sorry for letting it go. I did like everything else about the watch (size, raised numerals, etc.). I have seen a few of these for sale recently so I think with patience you will likely come across one soon.


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