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    Ball questions

    I have been considering picking up a Ball and am torn between the EHC Classic 2 or GMT vs a Marathon G-SAR. I really like the rubber strap versions of these watches and would love to see some pics of these watches on the rubber strap. Unfortunatley, I cannot seem to find one in person so I would appreciate the pics. Do you think the Ball is as durable as a Marathon?

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    Re: Ball questions

    Well, their motto is "Accuracy under adverse conditions", and the hydrocarbons are indeed some of the toughest. I don't own a GSAR, but I can't imagine you would be disappointed with a Ball EHC, or any other model, for that matter.

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    Re: Ball questions

    i think on paper, Ball is tougher (anti cold, anti mag, anti shock)

    and i would imagine the crown protector of Ball seems tougher than a plain old screw down crown

    having said that, i think GSAR is increditable value for the money. the only think i don't like about it is the lack of tritum tube on the bezel dot.

    (personally, i perfer SAR with the original dial better)

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    Re: Ball questions

    I love this response from another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonBallDealer View Post
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

    You have met me, seem the scars on my EM II Diver and you know I treat it/abuse it badly. This everyday time piece for me has been:

    Dropped to concrete
    Worn with running chain saws and cutting over 15 cords of hard wood
    Worn while operating heavy equiptment
    Been subjected to cooking temperature heats numerous times.
    Covered in oil and hydrolic fluid
    Been salt water wade fishing and scuba diving
    Bounced off a driveway when I tripped carrying a cabnet and should have broken the crystal and did not.
    Been covered in grimme, mud and goodness knows what after Hurrican Ike here and the recovery effort.
    Worn while working cattle in pens.

    I am sure there might be something else I can do rough to this watch!

    It gains about one minute every two weeks currently and has plenty of case scars to show for it. I have not subjected it to freezing cold, yet! Hunting season is here, but last season, it was short sleve weather here in Texas for us most of the hunting season last year.

    Now, I do take care to wash out the bracelet at least once a week to keep the dark ring from forming on my wrist. I do this with warm water and dish washing soap. You macho firefighters do know what dish washing soap is, don't you?

    So wear it. And wear your protective gear on scene.

    All the best,

    Because nothing says "you're a loser" more than owning a motivational poster about being a winner.

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    Re: Ball questions

    Well BALL EHC is really one tough looking watch but when you look at Marathon G-SAR and the price tag compare to BALL EHC you would think twice.

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