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    ball T100 green

    After doing some research I believe that green T100 will be the brightest lume, (please correct me if that is incorrect)

    My question is which Balls have the T100 ?

    I want to pull the trigger however I so not want buyers remorse

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    Re: ball T100 green

    The ones to look to first are Night Train, and the Aviator, for T100 (sometimes described as just "T") lume. A few other models are also designated as such, and I am sure their owners will chime in. The Night Train has had several generations, so see below for three versions (pict 3 and 4 are of the same watch), as well as one of the Aviators (the GMT).
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    Green is the brightest tube color. I have a Roadmaster Starlight that is a T100 and uses all green tubes. It is very bright, especially to dark adjusted eyes. I do like the models with different colored tubes as it makes reading time at a glance easier due to the contrast. To my eyes, green and blue tend to blend together with blue often looking like a dimmer version of the green. Personally, I like the Night Train’s tube colors the best with yellow hour markers and green in the hands. It can be a bit busy with all the little green minute markers, but it sure is fun to look at.

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    Re: ball T100 green

    The Night Trains I have seen all give off a very nice and easy to read green lume. One on my favorite Ball watches.
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