Ball Trainmaster Worldtime - wearability for its size?
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Thread: Ball Trainmaster Worldtime - wearability for its size?

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    Ball Trainmaster Worldtime - wearability for its size?

    Thought I'd ask and see if any owners of the 41mm Trainmaster Worldtime (GM2020D) can provide some insight. I see that it's specced at 41mm, which I normally can comfortably wear, but the numbers can be misleading. I've had 42mm watches that were svelte and wore much smaller, and 40mm watches that were chunky and huge. How does this piece wear in terms of wrist presence? Does it wear large or small for its size?

    I've currently got the 40mm Trainmaster Legend and I think it's a very wearable 40mm with a nicely modest wrist presence for its size.
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    Re: Ball Trainmaster Worldtime - wearability for its size?

    I have subject watch. It fits comfortably on my 7" wrist. Although I have not thought about the small/large wearability of it until your question, I would say it wears a little smaller than its size. It is more an illusion than anything else because the center portion of the dial is small compared to the wide cities and 24 hour rings surrounding it. Its 48.3 lug to lug width helps in that regard too.


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    Re: Ball Trainmaster Worldtime - wearability for its size?

    All Ball watches in that case range usually wear close to specs.

    All are comfortable and very proportional, IMHO.
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