Ball's new Skindiver - why build a thick watch when you don't have to?
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Thread: Ball's new Skindiver - why build a thick watch when you don't have to?

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    Ball's new Skindiver - why build a thick watch when you don't have to?

    I have been mulling this over and just can't figure this out. Sure, there are those out there that like hockey pucks on their wrists, but from a lot of the comments I have read, most people aren't big fans of the thick and chunky.

    As it relates to the new Skindiver, I can't understand why Ball has chosen to go so thick. Their new movement is in other, thinner watches with a good WR rating, so it can be done. But they decided to stick the caseback below the case, space the bezel a couple mm above the case, and added a domed crystal. I understand the crystal - for that vintage vibe - but don't understand the other design elements. Did they raise the bezel for easier manipulation underwater with gloves? Since the bezel overhangs the case a little, it's still easy to grip. And why make such a protruding caseback?

    I really like the look of this watch, but the size just turns me off. IMHO, they could have hit an absolute homerun if they had made it a true 40mm or 41mm watch no more than 12.5mm (which would have been very easy). Now it seems as if they'll get a few orders, but won't be the big seller they were hoping for.
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    I am less concerned about the thickness than I am about the case and bezel diameters, and the lug to lug length. I actually think it might wear thinner than my old generation 1 Skindiver. If the case was 40mm, I would have already ordered.
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    Re: Ball's new Skindiver - why build a thick watch when you don't have to?

    yeah, i was really looking forward to this and really like the design...just not the size and the price is steep for preorder

    they've done a few watches recently with options for size....why not again?

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    Re: Ball's new Skindiver - why build a thick watch when you don't have to?

    I understand wanting a thinner watch, but I owned a Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant with a 14mm height and loved the way it wore. Now I did have the 38mm model, but the height was never an issue. Possibly it would've been if it were a larger diameter, but all of my larger diameter watches are on the slimmer side. I haven't seen the new Ball Skindiver in person, but the photo's are breathtaking. I think it's a beautiful watch.

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