Blue Dial Marvelight vs. Ohio Moon Phase

Thread: Blue Dial Marvelight vs. Ohio Moon Phase

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    Blue Dial Marvelight vs. Ohio Moon Phase

    I have always wanted a Ball watch for my collection especially with a blue dial. I will be purchasing my watch in the next month and still go back and forth from the Marvelight to the Moon Phase. They are both gorgeous watches and different from each other in appearance. Of all the watches I own I never had a watch with a moon phase dial and this Ball model is elegant, dressy and not bling. The Marvelight is extremely stunning and is reported to have the best illumination with the flat tubes.

    I would be interested in all comments, suggestions and personal accounts if you own either one.

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    Re: Blue Dial Marvelight vs. Ohio Moon Phase

    I haven't seen a Marvelight in person yet, but the Moonphase blue dial is sweet watch. My only complaint is the removal of the tubes on the moonphase - I would get an old one.

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    Re: Blue Dial Marvelight vs. Ohio Moon Phase

    Moonphase gets my vote. Not much of a 3 hander person.
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