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    Changing of dates

    Hi all, i just got my first ball watch, an engineer hydrocarbon titanium.

    I love this watch, however the "date" in my watch will advance abt 20 seconds before midnight. is this normal for a ball watch? or should the date advance at the stroke of midnight? should i bring my watch back?

    thanks for your help.

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    Re: Changing of dates

    hello and worry not. these are mechanical watches, where the change of date is controlled by s eries of pinions and gears. Your watch is performing perfectly.

    One other thing...don't change the date between 9pm and 3am. That's the time that the gears and pinions are engaged and you wouldn't want to damage them. Best to change dates in the morning or afternoon.

    Enjoy that great watch and post some pocs when you can.
    kind regards,


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    Re: Changing of dates

    1st of all congratulations on making a fine choice!

    2nd, as Scott said, it is performing perfectly. I have had mechanical watches change date anywhere from 2-5 minutes before or after midnight. Nothing to worry about...

    Enjoy your new watch and please make yourself at home,
    Marc Levesque

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    Re: Changing of dates

    I agree.. 100% normal and PLEASE take Scott's note serious about not changing the date between 9 to 3 to be safe... you do not want to skip a tooth a break a tooth on date wheel..

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    Re: Changing of dates

    Unless you are changing the date purely by advancing the hands, which is safe. Just thought I'd toss that in, in case you badly wanted/needed to change the date for some reason, and it was between the hours of 9pm and 3am when you wanted to do it!

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    Re: Changing of dates

    my thanks to everyone for their assurances. Now i know my watch is just fine.

    I was really torn between the titanium and the cannonball, but in my job, i gotta wash my hand real often, and it just didnt make sense to get a watch with a leather strap as an everyday wear watch.

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