Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

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    Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    Hi -- I'm new here but can tell already what a great watch site this is !
    I am strongly considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty and would love to hear some of your opinions on this watch.
    Quality, value, looks, etc.
    Do you like the silver face or dark gray face the best ?
    Also - any suggestions on the best place to buy this watch for the best price ?
    Thanks in advance for your comments - I do appreciate them !

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    Re: Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    Can't speak to the One Hundred Twenty directly but have two other watches from the Trainmaster series and find their quality impressive. As to where to purchase, I'd start with the forum sponsor, Rob at Topper. I've purchased four watches from him, two Ball and two Omega, and have been pleased with service and competitive pricing on each occasion. Welcome to the Ball club!

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    Re: Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    Silver and white dial are more sophisticated, dressy look. Black and gray dial are more sporty, IMHO. Trainmaster 120 is a dress watch, so I would go with silver dial.
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    Re: Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    The 120 has a lower profile case that is thinner than any other Trainmaster so the side and lug profile is very slim. According to the Watch Time article on Ball it also has a patented double lens (crystal) that allows it to meet 5000Gs anti-shock rating. One of my local watch buddies has one since they were released and he loves it. He has the silver/white dial.
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    Re: Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    Love my 120. Rose gold with the silver face. This is really a great dress watch. BUT...

    The spring-pins have a wicked bow to them that makes it all but impossible to change the strap. I picked up a burgundy strap from Rob that I tried to install, tried to get installed and even took directly to Toppers without success. (Come to think of it, Rob you still have my strap...)

    That doesn't take anything away from the watch. I've been looking at a gold Omega DeVille GMT forever but this brought me firmly back to Ball. (Would be nice to have that extra hand though!)

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    Considering the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty

    I have this watch in the grey dial. It is beautiful, very classy, not at all sporty. Try and see both dials together before you buy. They are both lovely, but I prefer the grey. It is beautiful and more unique than the silver dial

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