Hydrocarbon Magnate?

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    Hydrocarbon Magnate?

    Just wondering if anyone owns a Magnate here? I have two Balls (no jokes please ) A Hydrocarbon GMT II w/ the fat tubes and an Engineer II GMT II w/ all black dial. Anyway, I want to buy a Magnate now (because I am so in love w/ my other Hydrocarbon). Does anyone have pictures of the Maganate that they'd like to post? Impressions? Thanks- Chad

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    Re: Hydrocarbon Magnate?

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianS View Post
    The best photos I've seen of it are at Topper Jewelers! It is a serious looking watch!
    And I know for a fact that they have one in the case.... Or they did when I was there last week...

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    Re: Hydrocarbon Magnate?

    Been checking out the bay for a magnate. Lots of pics there No wrist shots so far on WUS

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