Itgary mentionned somthing about Magnatism....

Thread: Itgary mentionned somthing about Magnatism....

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    Itgary mentionned somthing about Magnatism....

    Hi Guys,

    In another thread, where we were discussing the merits of Ball watches vs. other H3 watches, Itgary spoke about the anti-magnatism characteristics of Ball watches. He is absolutely correct in saying that in today's world, this is a VERY important feature. Let me explain.

    A little while ago, I owned an Ebel XXL Chronograph, which houses their in-house (lemania based) 137 chrono movement. While I really did love this watch, after a little while, I realized it was looasing 10 seconds/day. I called the service center in Toronto and they said this is a problem and that I should send it in. They did however say the turn-around was quite long. So instead of getting it serviced I traded down for a JeanRichard Diver, the cushion shapped one.

    The JR was a stunning piece, but I took a pretty big hit on the value of the Ebel, but I fully disclosed its condition to the byer, who could get it serviced locally. Anyway, a little time passes and the JR started doing the same thing. -10 sec/day. I found this VERY odd! I started pocking around my environment. As I am not rough with my watches and my life hadn't changed that dramatically. Except, in May I became the owner of a brand new Toyota Prius!!!!!!

    The magnatism (EMF) produced by the high-voltage wires running underneath the car was damaging my watches. In essence demagnatizing them! Can you beleive it?!?!?

    I checked many forums and on-line owners groups and the Prius, as well as other Hybrid cars produce huge amount of EMF, We even purchased a Gauss to check it. It's really quite alarming. Nothing has either been proven or disproven about EMF, but one thing's for sure. My watches were running fine before the Prius....

    Anyway, long story short, if I was wearing a Ball watch, I would have this LONG post to write... lol...
    Marc Levesque

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    Re: Itgary mentionned somthing about Magnatism....

    While not approaching the 80,000 a/m rating of co's like Sinn, Damasko and the Milgauss, Ball is another watch company that is addressing this area:

    click the link below and go to page 7:
    kind regards,


    vintage and obscure watch lover

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