The more I read about Ball watches.......

Thread: The more I read about Ball watches.......

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    Thumbs Up The more I read about Ball watches.......

    The more I think I've got to have one I've checked their site and looked at many of the wonderful pics posted here:thanks I'm leaning towards the Fireman 43 which looks to be a superb watch.

    Comments and pics will be greatly appreciated

    Bob Breznay:thanks

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    Re: The more I read about Ball watches.......

    Lots of pics of the 43mm Fireman and other handsome Ball watches can be found in many of the previous posts along with comments/impressions and interesting info. Have fun reading! (I like the blue Fireman--been pricing one myself this weekend at various dealers.)

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    Re: The more I read about Ball watches.......


    I am a WIS to the bone. I have owned everything from cheap $10 Kmart watches through a GP Seahawk II (MSRP near 7K). For the money, pricepoint, fit and finish, the Fireman in any mm is a steal. High end Swiss movement, standard 2 year warranty (brought up to 3 years when registered online with is quite amazing. Plus Ball Watch USA and their network of dealers are amazing to deal with.
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    Re: The more I read about Ball watches.......

    Been reading the booklet that came with my hydrocarbon and so far im impressed with the brands history and technology A friend of mine once said that Ball watches are overengineered but id rather have a ball than an underengineered watch! Best value for money so far from my collection

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    Re: The more I read about Ball watches.......

    You will be happy with a Ball watch. I've owned Girard Perregaux Seahawk USA 71, Panerai 183, 187, 196 & 231 (rose gold), Jaeger LeCoultre Rose Gold Master Calendar, a few Rolexes leading to my current GMT Master II Ceramic Bezel Green Arrow, but I will always have a Ball watch or two in my collection, primarily for the lume system.

    I have the Hydrocarbon Engineer "Mad Cow" currently, having sold my Hydrocarbon Engineer Chrono, and I will be adding a Trainmaster Cannonball when they come to market. The watches are close to bulletproof, and the lume system beats even my Panerais, which is hard to do.

    Get one or two or ten.

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