Is my mechanism damaged?
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Thread: Is my mechanism damaged?

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    Is my mechanism damaged?

    I just purchased this watch yesterday and today I noticed that my stem to start the chrono has either a lubrication stain or a scratch. I am not sure what it is and whether or not it should be a cause for concern. I have attached pictures and highlighted the area. The one picture with no highlights is with the stem pressed down, you see the little mark disappears. any help would be appreciated!

    also i apologize for any incorrect nomenclature. I am still new to mechanical watches

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    Re: Is my mechanism damaged?

    I gotta admit I'm not sure if I see what you're talking about or not? Could you try and get a really clear image of precisely what you're referring to? I just am not sure if I am seeing it.

    I'd suggest also that you contact the seller ASAP if you believe any of the bits of the movement have imperfections in the finish - even if it doesn't negatively affect functionality there shouldn't be imperfections to the finish of internal bits. Did you buy from an AD or brand direct?
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    Re: Is my mechanism damaged?

    DO all functions work properly?

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    Re: Is my mechanism damaged?

    Is it a trainmaster? Congratulations, it is a nice watch. If it a trainmaster, then I think it has one of those 7750 movement in it which is quite reliable. I think it works because you were able to depress the start button and your issue is more to do with what looks like a stain or rust? I could see the imperfection from your photos but maybe it is a stain, maybe it is bad polishing, maybe it is rust? Who knows? If you got a loupe, you can examine it but if you bought from an AD, and if it's not too much trouble, bring it back since you have got a warranty on it.

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