New Ball owner - maybe
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Thread: New Ball owner - maybe

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    New Ball owner - maybe

    My first BALL!
    I have always loved the look of the teak stripes and pointed indicies of the Omega AT and have found some homages by Kassaw and other Chinese resemblences and enjoy them but a Ball Red Label was a suggestion I found in another forum post.
    I really have wanted the grey Fireman Racer Classic but a few local AD retailers said they were discontinued.
    Then I saw the grey Red Label and set my sights on it.
    Well I found this white Engineer 2 Red label for under half MSRP from an Amazon storefront.
    Listed as new I assumed at the price it was a customer return... and I am pretty sure that is what I got.
    I registered the serial with BALL for warranty but I know its only valid with the warranty card and original purchaser.

    I’m pretty sure there aren’t replicas of BALL and if there are, might there be some obvious tells? I realy can’t imagine a fake to be this well finished and have the accuracy I have witnessed.
    Its very clean as only having some handling smudges- no scratches or any noticable marks but I only needed to remove one link to fit my 7-1/2” wrist.........
    The tritium isn’t as bright as any other tritium dialed watches I have owned in the past. It needs to be dark (like no lights on at all) to see.
    It didnt come w any paperwork or certs just the green box w leather pull tab and a hang tag.
    Is there any way to tell when it was made?
    I am having serious reservations ....but wow 2 days wearing and it hasnt lost or gained a single second! This is my first watch to have that kind of accuracy.
    It is beautiful and perfect size for me at 43mm....
    Just wondering if I can live with the week tritium and how long before it will need service if its from the earliest manufacturing date... or just return it since there is the A-Z policy.
    What do you all think?
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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    Congratulations on the watch purchase! I think it looks good on your wrist. To answer some of your questions;

    If you can register on the Ball Watch website then it must be genuine and the warranty is now yours. I am not sure if you get the extended warranty for an older watch as some of the newer watches get an extended warranty if you register online.

    As has been explained on this forum many times, the tritium starts to lose its brightness gradually and reaches half life in 12.5 years. Depending on its age (assuming new old stock here), yours is at least 5 years old already.

    Happy to know that it is accurate out of the box. Most Ball Watches are accurate and you got a good keeper.
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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    There ARE some replicas of Ball watches--mostly divers--but, as noted, if you were able to register it with Ball, then obviously it is legit. Not sure what your problem is, really, or why we should convince you one way or another--YOU bought it--if you like it, keep it, if not, sell it.

    The concern about tritium has been hashed out many times before on this forum--tritium is rarely as bright as Superluminova in the first hour, somewhat similar in the second hour, stronger than Super in the 3rd hour, and maintains that level of luminosity for as long as you continue to be in darkness, albeit one day, one week or one year. It slightly loses brightness over time, and--this is the key point many over look--SO DOES SUPERLUMINOVA!! At 12 1/2 years, the tritium will still be quite good, usually comparable to Super at that point, and in the same increments (hours into darkness).

    Whenever this comes up, I always like to show a recent picture or two of my 2006 Ball Fireman (just about exactly 12 1/2 years old...)--AS IT IS TODAY--still BETTER than any of my Superluminova-lumed watches which are all of more recent vintage.
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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    I go by the rule to buy what you like and like what you buy. Tritium is a weird material and if you got a good deal on it, and are ok with the cost of potentially replacing the tritium tubes in the future, keep it and enjoy it. If the replacement of tritium is a concern of yours and you dont want to deal with it, then superlumiva will have a similar issue over time and maybe a Timex with indiglo is a good choice. I have a Timex that I keep to wear for specific occasions....its not an everyday watch but it has its purpose.

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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    Thanks for the feedback. I really love this watch! Definately a keeper. I love its size and the bracelet is very comfortable and fits great. It’s one of the nicest watches in the box. To have tritium illumination, accuracy and durability in a great looking dress/sport watch....what more can you ask for. I am definately a fan of Ball now and can see myself owning others.
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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    Like yours, mine keeps dead-on time. It takes a week or more for it to lose or gain more than 1 second. These are A LOT of watch for the money. Even the folks at the OMEGA Boutique have complimented me on it.

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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    I have the GMT version of this watch and love it. It is quite accurate and the lume is extraordinary at night--better than two Ball Trainmaster watches I also own.

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    Very nice! Dressy and yet casual. I wish it was 40mm for my small wrists!

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    Re: New Ball owner - maybe

    beutiful watch ...

    Poslano sa mog SM-A500FU koristeći Tapatalk

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