New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

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    New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Dear All,

    There is now a new video of Guillaume Nery's record dive on Youtube. This was professionally created with Guillaume's help and is narrated by the man himself!


    Jeremy Hogan
    Ball Watch Company

    P.S. For the original video, follow this link:

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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Very cool video ! thank you for posting . Amazing to watch and inspiring .

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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Well, after watching that, all I can say is WOW--that man is amazing in his abilities. Very few humans on this planet could ever do what he has done....Diving to some 350 feet on ONE breath and then back to the surface. Of course, if you study the bio-physics, you begin to understand how this is possible, but still, it is one of the most amazing athletic feats I can imagine. The film and music were haunting. Thanks to Ball Watch for supporting Guillaume. I hope Ball gives him some really nice watches?

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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    That is one amazing feat. He and athletes like Lance Armstrong are a few of the people on this planet who's body's are just not wired like the rest of us. Trained to the point of being able to do superhuman feats. That was cool!

    Thanks for posting as well..
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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Gave me Goose-bumps. Amazing!

    Congratulations to Ball for supporting such an amazing athlete!


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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Incredible feat... and the video mix was outstanding... congrats to Nery and thanks to Ball and Jeremy for sharing the video. Makes me wanna go get a TMT Diver...

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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Sooo...did we all try holding our breath while we were watching?

    What an incredible feat of athleticism...Nery's movements were powerful,

    graceful, and really kind of beautiful...poetry in motion.

    Thanks for posting it, Jeremy!
    Take care,

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    Re: New Dive Video of Guillaume Nery

    Guillaume had to have a doctor on board, or so I have been told, to try this feat. he passed out once and went down immediately after regaining consciousness. And he is a very very nice fellow as well.

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