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    Please take a look...

    I wanted to pass this along to everyone. I think this is very worth everyones time.

    Tonight, 9/9/07 @ 10:30 pm EST/ 9:30 Central, HBO will be airing " Alive Day: Home from Iraq". James Gandolfini interviews 10 veterans of Iraq. I hope everyone takes the time to watch this very special show. Here is a youtube link of James Gandolfini talking about making this documentary:

    James Gandolfini also gave each soldier interviewed a custom made Kobold Titanium Seal.

    I have watched a very short preview, and I was very moved.

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    Re: Please take a look...


    Thanks for the heads up...I was aware of the show, but hadn't heard of the Kobold connection. Given Mr. Gandolfini's attachment to Kobold I guess that it shouldn't be a big surprise, however.


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    Re: Please take a look...

    Thanks, very much, Warren, for bringing this to our attention.

    I had not heard about this. I was moved, just watching the youtube clip.

    I'll definitely be recording it to watch at my earliest opportunity.

    Thanks, again.
    Take care,

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