Replacing a bezel- can it be done?

Thread: Replacing a bezel- can it be done?

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    Replacing a bezel- can it be done?

    I've owned both the Engineer Hydrocarbon Chrono, and now the Mad Cow, and I find that the bezel is basically useless. The rubberized strip needs charging and doesn't hold a charge very long at all. The bezel guards collect hair, or threads, and look lousy. I like the diameter (42mm) of the Mad Cow, but would like a smooth bezel. Is there a bezel that can be retrofitted to the 42 mm Hydrocarbon watches that either is, or is like, the Magnate? I think the Magnate case is cited as a smaller diameter, but that may be misleading. My thought is that the crystal diameter may be the same.

    I like the 12,3,6,&9 being illuminated on the Mad Cow, so I don't want to go to a different watch.

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    Laughing Re: Replacing a bezel- can it be done?

    I asked Jeremy if the Magnate bezel can be installed on my EH Classic. He inquired with Switzerland and was given this highly descriptive response: "It is technically impossible."

    I love it! I'm batting 0 for 3 on my customization ideas.

    Kudos to Ball for fielding my inquiries and responding so fast.


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    Re: Replacing a bezel- can it be done?

    Valuable info Rob All this time i thought that you can have the bezels switched from one hydrocarbon model to another. Maybe they have basically the same size but different grooving for the bezel attachment on the case.

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