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    Spacemaster Lume Variances

    I recently purchased a Spacemaster Captain Poindexter. While looking at various examples of this model, I noticed that some had T25 lume and some had T(T100). Everything else was exactly the same. Why does this model come with two different tritium amounts? I greatly appreciate any illumination on why this is so.

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    Re: Spacemaster Lume Variances

    I am not aware specifically of the different Poindexters, but it may be because of the original region (Asia, Europe, N America, etc.) in which it was manufactured to be sold in--some regions allow for only T25 max on any watch, others allow for a full T100.

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    Re: Spacemaster Lume Variances

    With my usual caveats that I don't really know what I am talking about - T25 and T100 refer to the maximum radiation (don't remember the proper technical word) of the tritium tubes in a particular application, i.e., in this case in a watch. I have watches that are rated at T25 and others rated at T100.

    To be more confusing a watch bearing the rating of T100 (or T25) may only have a combined radiation of half of what may be allowed for the rating of T100 since T100 is the maximum but not minimum allowed. A watch with lots of tubes may not have as bright of tubes as one with less tubes but the same "T" rating.

    With respect to what is allowed in the USA, I believe both T25 and T100 are allowed but this may/will vary country by country.

    I stand to be corrected by any and every body.

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    Re: Spacemaster Lume Variances

    Thank you for your responses, I greatly appreciate them. This may very well be related to the country the watches are shipped to for sale. From what I understand, many countries only allow the T25 level. My watch was shipped to and sold in Japan, and I find the T25 with 32 tubes to be more than sufficient. Again, thank you for your responses.

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