technical questions about my EH classic III

Thread: technical questions about my EH classic III

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    technical questions about my EH classic III

    I've never seen this before, but there appears to be two extra pins in this watch, located in the clasp of the watch. One pin sits right below the extra joint for wet suit clearence. It's held by indents so I can tell it's intentional, but there seems to be no purpose for the pin other than possibly a spare.
    The second one is also in the clasp, sits right behind the clasp attachment point, but again, it seems to act only as a spare.
    Can anyone help with the purpose of these?
    I ask because I've recently noticed that that surface edges of the clasp seem to be pretty sharp, more so at one end or the other, and that it seems to sit pretty high off the rest of the links so when I saw these pins I thought removing them might lower the clasp height in relation to the rest of the bracelet making it less abrassive.
    Any help?
    After examining the clasp under a loop it appears as though one edge didn't get as much of a finish, to lessen the edge, as the other and I think I could sand it carefully with very fine paper to finish it properly so I'm wondering if anyone knows something about this?
    Finally, the crown lock mech seems to be pretty easy to undo, anyone else notice same? Any fix? Don't want to send back if I can help it, apparantly radiation exposure is addicting and the withdrawls might kill.

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    Re: technical questions about my EH classic III

    I will pull one out once I am back in the store on Monday and see if I can identify what you speak of.

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    Re: technical questions about my EH classic III

    Just checked out the clasp on my Alligator bracelet. There's two spring bars inside the clasp, just as ginoniccoli describes. Perhaps the one "under" the dive extension acts as a spacer. The other under the deployant seems to serve no purpose.
    Jim in NH

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