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    Thank You Ball Watch Company

    I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to The Ball Watch Company.

    Last night I had the pleasure of being invited by ball on a little "Adventure".

    Ball are slowly but steadily breaking into the UK watch market.

    They had their launch party.

    And what a party it was .... Only one word can describe it ... OUTSTANDING !!!

    The adventure started at about 18:45 where I arrived at Victoria Train Station in London.

    I proceeded to the reception area for the Orient Express. This is a train that comprises of very old carriages that have been refurnished and restored to their former grand opulence and luxury.

    I was greeted at the door of the reception area with a glass of Champagne. A nice one at that.

    I mingled with some other guest and even met a couple of regulars from the TimeZone Rolex forum .. I am one of the Moderators over there.

    At 19:15 we were invited to board the train awaiting us on Platform 2 .. Every carriage on the train has a name ... My carriage was called Phoenix. I was in seat 5.

    The train departed from platform 2 at 19:30 sharp. The Adventure had really started now.

    I was sat opposite a gentleman from the North of England (I live in the South and Victoria Station is also in the south). He has managed to amas a very respectable collection of watches from an assorted range of brands that do include ball.

    Next to me was a very nice Swiss Gentleman ... Not only was he swiss but I presume you have guessed it ... He was from the Ball Watch Company. To add to my delight .. He is one of their watchmakers. This watchmaker spoke perfect English so there was no language barrier at all. He recently joined the company (About 6 months ago) having had about 18 years previous experience at another well known watch manufacturing company (The one that has a crown as their logo).

    We were chatting happily when he asked me what changes I would like to see in the Ball range.

    That is like waving a red flag to a bull in my case ... Off I spouted ... I would like to see better movements in the range of watches from ball. I would like them to be decorated and I would like to see then shown behind display backs .... He removed his own Ball watch and to my delight .. He his watch showed exactly what I had asked for .. he had a huge grin on his face ... this was the first project he worked on at Ball. I was also delighted to see the direction he is heading in.

    Back to the trip now......

    We were greeted on boarding the train with a glass of Champagne again . We took our seats and shortly after departing the station dinner was served ... An outstanding meal .. the Orient Express is well known and even famous for it's cullinary delights.

    The menu ...

    1) A "Cuppachino" cold soup of vedgetables to "Tickle the Palate".
    2) Trilogy of game ...
    Ballotine of wild rabbit and prunes spiked with pink peppercorns.
    Home-smoked breast of goose with a celeriac and apple salad.
    Wild Boar Sausage served with a horseradish mash.
    3) Seared fillet of sea bass accompanied by a shallot confit and a creamy Hollandaise sauce.
    4) Fillet of Aberdeen Angus Beef, Pan fried Foie Gras, with spring roll of oxtail, Roasted Saffron potato acompanied by a madeira wine sauce.
    5) Sussex paocher and caramelized Verona sweet pear accompanied by a truffeled Welsh rabbit.
    6) Rhubarb and Custard smoothie.
    7) Death by Chocolate ...
    Black forest Tower.
    White chocolate Foam with chocolate crackles.
    Milk Chocolate and black cherry ice cream.
    8) Coffee and petits fours.

    Naturally, as you would expect a different wine was served with each course and I assure you all of them were superb.

    Every single course was a stunning delight. I can't say which was best .. they were all faultless.

    We were entertained during the meal by a magician who was given a hard time by my fellow guests at our table and myself.

    There was also a contortionist young lady who performed some rather painful looking stunts.

    OK, back to watches again ...
    During the meal some of balls newer models were brought round for us to admire ... Ball .. You are certainly going in the correct direction with your newer offerings.
    We were also shown a pocket watch that was originally owned by Web C Ball himself. It had a Vacheron movement. This is now in Ball's possession.

    The train arrived back at Victoria station at 23:00 sharp ... I think they were using a ball watch to make sure the timing was to perfection !

    On arrival back at Victoria Station we disembarked ... I had the chance then to meet "Batonman" from this forum . Mike it was a pleasure to meet you and your good wife.

    I did take a few photographs and I will attempt to add them to this post in a few hours.

    Once again , Thank you very much Ball Watch Company .. That was a truly memorable evening.

    Best regards,


    Ps. If any of you want to know more about the Orient Express Train .. Just Google it .. It is very easy to find and well worth reading about.
    Charles N.
    Member of the I.W.J.G.
    Rolex Moderator on TimeZone forums.


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    Re: Thank You Ball Watch Company

    what a fantastic evening. Your description makes me feel as if I were there.

    thank you.
    kind regards,


    vintage and obscure watch lover

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    I could not agree more!!

    It was a fabulous evening and one neither my wife or I will forget. It was also a pleasure to meet with you Charles - sadly all to briefly as we had to get back to Birmingham ( I had a rehearsal this morning ) afterwards and even with good traffic, we got into bed at about 2 am.

    I am glad you had a chance to see some watches - I only saw the ones they had in the "waiting room" before we boarded the train. I spied a Secometer or two on board ( the magician was wearing one, as was Kevin, the Swiss Ball guy ) and they looked very nice indeed.

    Your description of the event needs no additions but just to say this - in those surroundings, with that food and the excellent wine choices, the gentle tinkling of crystal glasses rattling together as the train gently swayed - just about the best meal we have had!!

    I also want to add that I originally thought that I could not make the event and e-mailed accordingly. I was personally phoned on Tuesday morning and asked whether it might be possible for me to attend and it was only after meeting Kevin that I realised that it was he who had rang me! You just do not get that level of service that often.

    So, Charles? What directions are they moving in? I have a Moonphase and an EHC GMT II and have been happy with those. Try as hard as I might, I have not fallen for many other models ( and trust me, I would love to like the Conductor model, for obvious reasons!) except one. After seeing the Moonlight Special with a Brown/Bronze dial last night, I have ordered one. I am just wondering whether I am going to fall in love with more in the future?

    My apologies for literally saying "Hi" and rushing off but nice to put a face to a name.

    Thank you Ball from both Mrs Seal and myself. A wonderful evening!

    Look me up at

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    Ball Traimaster Moonlight Special
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    I apologize for using your "signature" method of response on TZ. Your double-agent life is secret with me (Obviously I am kidding as you are a quality watch brand connoisseur).

    Thank you very much to you and Batonman for the excellent description of the event. Are there any pictures available? It would be good to know your opinion on how Ball watches compare with the others you are so fond of.

    Best regards, Eric

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