thoughts on 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon
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Thread: thoughts on 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon

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    thoughts on 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon

    What's your feelings on the 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon diver, I can't find any wrist shots anywhere nor any reviews, I have a small wrist so I think I might be able to pull it off, reason I ask is Jomashop has them for $995 right now and I was thinking about the Marathon GSAR medium in 36mm and figured why not get the Ball for about the same dough.

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    Re: thoughts on 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon

    I just saw that on Joma yesterday, I was about to chime in that they are a good price. +1 on any wrist shots
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    Re: thoughts on 36mm Engineer Hyrdrocarbon

    I would take the Ball over the Marathon at that price.

    Looks like a good deal and I think the 36 case size would work well for smaller wrists.

    Good luck on your decision.
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