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    Has anyone else caught the Trains Unlimited series on the History International channel? A little digging shows it was produced it about 10 years ago, but it's being rebroadcast. I've watched two so far; one about Speed, and the other about The Golden Age, 1900-1950. (Titles paraphrased.)

    Fascinating stuff!

    About 15 years go, I was fortunate to be up close to a live steam locomotive. It was a BIG sucker too. I don't recall what it was, only that it was built in the 1940's to haul coal cars in Virginia. (Probably one of the last steamers built.)

    It was a hot, late August Saturday night, maybe 10:00 pm or so. I had the windows of my apartment open, and heard the unmistakable sound of a steam train whistle. I immediately got in my car and followed the sound. From the direction of the sound, I had a pretty good idea where to find it; on the tracks that ran by the Ohio Historical Society here in Columbus. Sure enough, there she sat, belching, hissing and groaning.

    She'd just returned from a day trip. As the passengers disembarked, cars from all over the neighborhood converged into a small parking lot, spilling their passengers forth to have a closer look at the living behemoth before us.

    This was before consumer digital cameras, and a film camera would have been useless. But I will never forget that night.

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    Re: Trains Unlimited

    I was extremely lucky during my career to have worked with live steam on the 'mainline' We ran a passenger excursion called 'The Royal Hudson' during the summer months. It was a Hudson 4-6-4 #2860. I was either the Trainman or Conductor and spent a great deal of my time up in the cab learning all I could from the enginemen. We also had a smaller mtn. type 2-8-2 #3716 as a backup. Ah how I miss those days. Although I don't miss wearing those damn dark blue 3 piece trainmen uniforms in the summer and around the heat of the engine.

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