What made you choose Ball watches?
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Thread: What made you choose Ball watches?

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    What made you choose Ball watches?

    Hi, Im slowly getting up into the mid luxury brands and I've had the pleasure to handle a few Ball watches. They're high on my list for my next puchase. I was just wondering what made you guys choose Ball?

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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    I've owned four Ball watches and currently have two. I loved all of them and traded the other two in towards what I have now.

    Ball watches, to me, represent the best "bang for the buck" as the finish work is exemplary, almost as good as anything else out there save for very high end brands, the designs are unique and not stolen from more established, iconic designs, and the movements, while not the best attribute of Ball (not to overlook recent developments like SpringLOCK and Amortiser), are good, robust, swiss mechanicals.

    The bracelets are among the very best I've ever seen, regardless of brand and cost. Dial work is top notch and the tritium is very useful.

    Combine that with the asking prices on most Ball watches and I think it's an unbeatable value/quality proposition.

    Past loves...

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    Current loves...

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    My first, the Engineer Ohio II, IMHO, is one of the best values in all watchdom. The new Marvelight may be even better but I've yet to handle one in the metal.

    The first Engineer Hydrocarbon I had with the white dial and blue hands....I couldn't stop staring at it, but alas, I traded it towards the Spacemaster X-Lume (thank you Rob at Topper!). The EMII chronometer popped up at a local AD "pre-loved", it fits my wrist as well as any other watch I have....so I bought it.

    Hope this helps....and don't hesitate to purchase a Ball watch if you like the styling, you'll never be disappointed.
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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    Totally agree with wschofield3. I own three--Trainmaster Power Reserve, WorldTime and Eng II RedLabel GMT--purchased in that order. I would add that the latter two have COSC ETA movements and are extraordinarily accurate--within 1s/d. If you are interested, like many others here I suggest you give Rob, the forum sponsor a call for competitive prices and exemplary service.

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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    When I first got into watches, I liked the use of tritium, and got a few Luminox watches, then wanted an automatic movement, so that brought me into the Prometheus brand with the Baiji (Now I just bought a Jellyfish), then I got hooked on how much tritium can I get, so I got a few watches from Deep Blue, but always thought that I would never spend over $1,000 on a watch that is "obsolete with clocks on your phone". Then my cousin bought a 46mm Ball Aviator, and that was it. Between my two cousins and me (and now my girlfriend, that I talked her into a Ball EM II DLC), we have collectively owned 9 different Ball watches: Kyle has an Aviator 46mm, and a Aviator Dual Time, Dan has owned a Night Train DLC 45mm, Aviator 46mm, EM II Diver COSC, and I just sold him my Skindiver, I have owned a Night Tran DLC 45mm (that I bought from Dan), Night Train original (with the UTC markings), EM II Moonglow (most unique lume ever), Skindiver, and now my Aviator GMT, and my girlfriends EM II DLC.

    I guess the thing that I love about Balls (no pun intended) is that every watch in their lineup is unique. A diver is different from the diver COSC which is different from the diver GMT. The Aviator is different from the Aviator GMT, they don't share a single component, the cases are different, strap size, hands, even the tritium tubes are not the same, and if you throw in the Aviator Dual Time, that is even more different and could be it's own line by itself, it uses skinny tubes instead of flat tubes, and uses more than 60 of them, they didn't just take an Aviator and throw a subdial in it and swap the movement, it's a completely different watch. There are 87 different watches in Ball's lineup at this very moment, add in all of their lineups that have been discontinued and there are over 120 different models to chose from in the used market, so there is a model for every taste, style, or occasion. But don't intend on getting these watches for a cheap price (or have a huge inventory to shop from at a given moment) because these watches do hold their value. One of my cousins bought his 2009 Aviator for around $1,000 and my other cousin paid the same price for his 2012 Aviator. Through all of the Ball watches we have owned, I've never taken a bath on one. I lost (a lot of) money on every Deep Blue watch, Traser, Luminox, ect, that I have bought and sold. So there isn't that risk of losing a lot of money on buying a Ball watch and determining it wasn't a perfect match for you, and trying to get back what you spent.

    I would agree with everything wscholfield3 has said, the fit and finish of the Ball lineup is excellent, and yes they use "Ball tinkered" outsourced ETA movements, but ETA movements are proven to be excellent movements and with Ball's tweaks, they are even better. Our group has only owned 1 COSC Ball watch which gains about 1 second every other day, all of our "standard spec" Ball watches run right around 2-5 seconds a day which is within COSC standards of -4/+6 seconds a day, and well within standard spec of +-12 seconds, and some of my Deep Blue watches came in at +-30-45 seconds per day. So you get COSC accuracy without paying the COSC prices.
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    Their only offering at the moment that really sings to me is the Engineer II Red Label which has a lot in common with the Omega AT looks wise. However, I slightly prefer Ball's dial options.

    Felt like a very solid watch when I tried it on though, solid bracelet. More so than most higher end brands

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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    Met "Guillaume Nery" diving last August in Cuba, Jardines De La Reina. Hadn't really heard of Ball Watch until I met him, now have three including Deep Quest. Great watches, well built.....impressed.
    Doxa Sub 5000T
    Doxa Sub 800Ti Professional
    Ball Diver Free Fall
    Ball Deep Quest
    Breitling Seawolf Avenger Titanium
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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    I've owned quite a few, but only have my Fireman Victory right now.
    I can honestly say the history behind the brand was what brought me to them. Growing up and continuing to live in Northeast Ohio, I felt the Ball Watch brand was perfect for me. Not only are they amazing timepieces, they epitomize the ruggedness of the region. I love the fact that such an important piece of horological history began so close.
    Oh, and they look good too!

    Ball Fireman Victory
    Rolex Explorer 214270

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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    The company history and "on the ball" story is what got me to nibble and the lume is what set the hook.

    Now, I have an EHC Black, Diver Worldtime, and Fireman 43

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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    I chose Ball first because of the tritium tubes, second, for the yesteryear designs on some of their watches, all highly engineered to the precise standards of modern technology, and third, for the great value to dollar ratio.

    That was then--some five or six years ago--this is now, where I am not quite as excited about them anymore. They still make a great watch for the dollar, but I don't particularly care for the direction the evolution of design has taken--too many watches designed for the extremes of sea/and or air, with not enough focused on what I consider their basic roots--ground-based, simple, and rugged. In particular, save for a few recent introductions, simple has been interpreted too much on the bling side, and rugged, too much on the complicated and extreme uses side, for, as noted above, primarily sea and air. Ball, more than ever, seem to want increase their market share in the "explorer" watch territory, which is all well and good for some, I suppose, but not really very interesting to me.
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    Re: What made you choose Ball watches?

    Design and execution for me was what peaked my interest first with Ball. I remember seeing the ultra close up pictures of the first Night Train and staring at them for a long time. Ball stressed the engineering in the watches back then with things like oils that could operate at extreme temperature, you could see the precision in the cases and many other technical aspects. I remember buying my first Ball watch (the Night Train) from a forum member here and after getting it being so impressed it had me purchasing a diver DLC GMT and a Aviator GMT within a few weeks. While like Peter I like some of the older models quite a bit, I also have appreciation for the newer models and while I don't like them all there are many good ones. I applaud Ball for driving down the thickness of the newer EHC series watches. I believe the Marvelight will be a big hit and easily become the most popular EII watch. I also believe the Fireman Storm Chaser Pro will be very popular with many existing and new Ball customers despite my feeling that it has strayed too far from what defines a Storm Chaser model.

    Ball has a unique place now in the market where it gives buyers some unique options. Ball is one of the few that offers some pretty neat modifications to ETA movements that add cool functions or more durability and accuracy in some extreme situations. They have committed to GTLS lume which I feel is superior to anything else and continue to lessen some of it's limitations in packaging with true watch making solutions. We're very close to our 50th Ball watch (In our family), and don't really see a reason for that number to not continue growing.

    Some from over the years:

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    My wife buys dogs and I buy watches and to date I have never stepped in watch poop!

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