why GMT's cost more

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    why GMT's cost more

    Ok here's a newbie question, i'm interested in the ball aviators. So far i've found that the aviator (46mm) is cheaper than the aviator GMT (44mm). I know the GMT is a GMT but what makes the GMT cost more than the larger watch? GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time correct so what makes is so more special?


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    Re: why GMT's cost more

    It uses a more complicated movement. GMT watches can tract time in 2 or more time-zones.

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    Re: why GMT's cost more

    another factor at play is the standard Aviator uses the 2836 movement. ETA has a higher end single time zone movement called the 2892.

    The 2893 movement used in the Aviator GMT is a 2893, a two time zone derivative of the 2892.

    So you have a slightly more refined movement + the second time zone feature.
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