Zulu strap on a NT

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    Zulu strap on a NT

    Got my Zulu for my NT.

    Couple of quick items. It's not as comfy as I thought it would be, but maybe I need to get use to it. Definitely wearing this combo "tighter" than my other watches. We'll see as it goes!

    I got the 22mm with the low-lite hardware for it. I wish you could find this in a 21mm, as the fit kind of annoys me. I'm wondering if over time this will create "rub marks" on the lugs. The low-lite hardware definitely matches the color of my NT however!

    Quick question, in terms of the installation of the strap, all you do is loop it under the springbars? There's nothing else to it? Seems kind of flimsy as the watch in theory could slide up and down the strap when you have it off (in this case it won't because the 22mm strap is wider than the lugs).

    Here are a couple of quick pix. (don't mind the background!)

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    Re: Zulu strap on a NT

    Now that is what i call a gigolo watch in it suit. Nice!

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    Re: Zulu strap on a NT

    Looks good! Congratulations! If the strap feels stiff, put it in the washing machine in a washing bag, the kind the mizzuz use for bra´s and delicate underwear.
    A run in the dishwasher will also do the trick.

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    Re: Zulu strap on a NT

    The Nato and Zulu straps only come 20 or 22.
    I have worn both sizes and think the 22 looks much better.
    I am surprised, I find the NATO straps VERY comfortable!

    I have some pics posted of it here a little while back.

    The DLC coating is very tough, I wouldn't really worry about it rubbing.

    While it may seem that its a flimsy way to attach a watch, it really is VERY safe.
    If a springbar breaks your watch isn't going anywhere!
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    Re: Zulu strap on a NT

    Looks cool

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